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    • Thank you , barrynewman.....excellent post !

    • "Native culture" is not essential to the economic interests of 5 million BC Citizens ....but is in fact in conflict with the 98% who prefer modern prosperity rather than primitive existence in a subarctic wilderness .

    • Question : Should the interests of the vast majority of legitimate & productive BC citizens be subordinated to a small group of "aboriginals" who seem to be obsessed with this pothole...?
      BC already has a superabundance of fish(for anyone interested ) .....but no superabundance of money to support freeloader factions

    • If these people had been offered some sort of deal and accepted the terms, in advance, they would have not opposed the mine as they are doing. It appears, they don't care how much money might be offered.

    • barrynewman says it well.....and consider the fact that TKO stock is held by government pension funds...

    • The general consensus seems to indicate that the opposition to Prosperity is comprised of cranks and crackpots ....Their arguments are devoid of real substantiation .........Prosperity will operate with rational safeguards , and minimal environmental impact
      Common sense will prevail

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      • I would not call idealists and dreamers "crackpots." I think we should listen respectfully to anyone with a serious point of view. If a compelling case can be made, then by all means take the appropriate action. Not everyone can be made happy with every decision.

        There are lakes and scenic areas of such value that no gold mine is worth destroying them. These things need to be weighed and decided on case by case basis. I have confidence in the review panels making appropriate decisions in the end.

      • Whoa - not necessarily commenting on the merits of your post per se, but when I hear or see someone say 'the general consensus', well, I run for cover about as fast as I can.

        So, I'll respectfully ask - how exactly do you know (divine) what the 'general consensus' is?

        BTW - I know you're a straightforward, honest, decent guy. But, your post 'seems' to be your opinion so why not just take ownership of it and leave the 'general consensus out of it.

    • just like the indians, if you saw where half the stuff you use came from you would probably feel the same way. What makes this soooo different, not much. So then go live in the forest and change your name to jyardbutterfly if you really feel that strongly.

    • Not so jyard.

    • Most of the film was not made at Fish Lake. They did catch a 4" trout at the lake and then showed some nice salmon from elsewhere that they were smoking. The deer was being cooked at this other location. Showed that they drove to whatever lake they were having their gathering at. Why was the gathering not at Fish Lake?
      They showed two or three pictures of Fish Lake and its one larger island and four very small islands. Shoreline heavily forested with islands demonstrating its shallow nature. Some of the pine trees had died from pine beetles.
      They then showed an old cabin in which the roof had fallen in at Little Fish Lake which will not be affected by the mine. They did catch some 8" trout and one that was maybe 12" long at this small pond. They had a 4 wheeler so they really cared about the environment and drank from plastic bottles. If the water was pure, one would drink it.
      The chief (a woman) claimed that they owned the land. A gentleman said that at the Gibraltar Mine, Taseko had not given the tribes anything and he thought they should (pissed off). A lady said that the construction of this mine would be a form of genocide. They want to preserve their culture.
      Wonder why they are driving cars/pickups/4 wheelers and not riding horses or walking. Is this a part of their culture?
      I consider myself to be a conservationist and this film did little to show me that this is critical to the lifestyle of the Tribes. If I made a film about something I wanted to preserve, it would be at the site not somewhere else that looks better.
      My interpretation is that they do not want economic development but do want the government to give them enough to live on. The government owes them for taking their land.

    • This video is cheap propaganda.....Compared to derelict mining operations of the past , Prosperity portends to be relatively clean ...BC EA has approved only after lengthy and exaustive study
      The interests of the overwhelming majority of the BC public are being threatened by a minority of freeloaders and Eco airheads ....The panel has given generous audience to their dramatic ranting and raving , but it is reasonable to expect that
      rational common sense will prevail.

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