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  • bocacassidy bocacassidy Mar 31, 2010 11:06 AM Flag

    Blue Gold Film

    Hello Boyd, GENERAL CONSENSUS in this case is a composite of all posts to this forum, plus news articles , plus letters to editors ...if the center weight of opinion on this subject does not make your day , I can't help you ...consider visiting the chaplain or attending a FN seance ....

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    • An FN seance would be a pretty neat thing to attend I would think for those of us who are spiritually curious.

      Obviously, by my tenor (and yours too), this isn't meant to be an adversarial thing. But, for example, I've read just about every filing with the CEAA, including all the 'crazy' ex-wife letters, and while I haven't actually counted, it seems to me there's alot more submissions against the project than for, if you just look at individual e-mails that have been sent.

      I don't think that's representative necessarily of any consensus. And, it really isn't surprising that most of the posters on this board would be pro-project.

      What you stated was your opinion, which is fine.

      BTW - it's how Bill O'Reilly states things lots of times - by saying that "whatever his opinion is" is essentially the 'general consensus'.

      Sometimes it's an effective/persuasive tool. Sometimes you get called on it because you didn't mention the submissions to the panel.

      Anyway, just curious ---- you live in BC or Williams Lake or in the area?

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      • In any case , aside from any consensus , The economic trade off of Prosperity vis a vis the Fish Lake pothole is exponential...
        circa $ 200, 000- per fish ....The opposition , whether they be FN with 3 million other lakes at their disposal .....or the coffee shop philosophers , all are out of contact with the economic realities that face the 98% majority of the legitimate and productive citizens of BC ...The province has a superabundance of fish ... but needs MONEY to support those same parasites who oppose sensible development of mineral resources .....If you haven't already - think about it .....

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