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  • joedamodio joedamodio Jul 13, 2010 12:23 PM Flag

    skymark research starts TGB at strong buy

    I just paid for a subscription to and got their report on TGB.
    They initiated coverage of TGB recently at a "strong buy." They said TGB is worth $6.25 (U.S. dollars) a share without Prosperity.

    They said approval of Prosperity "if it comes would push the share price to over $11 initially and that the sky is the limit once Prosperity comes on line and starts reaping the benefits of all that gold in the ground."

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    • Hey Joe, I'm thinking you are here because the results of your DD told you this was an opportunity to invest with a minimum downside and a much higher upside. I think if you read what was available you probably did as good or better job than most of the marketing people out there. I was checking into a wind power outfit, just looking for a dog to pick up and throw in the corner for a while. While checking out the message board there was a fellow that was a bit irate over the fact when he called Skymark and asked about the company seems the man he got on the phone was suffering from the impression they were talking about a solar I guess you don't get much for $5,000 a month. This could have been a one time glitch, who knows? But the caller's reaction was priceless and so it stuck in my mind...Just saying trust your own work. You know what you put into it. Just because someone says something I like doesn't make it any more accurate than the fellow that disagrees and makes me go back and take a second look. Bottom line, it's my money and nobody is going to treat it with the respect I do.glta...frog

    • Thanks for sharing that news. I will reset the bar on my target price.

    • Thanks for sharing this info with the board Joe.

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      • Yes, thanks so much for sharing. I agree that commodity prices will be key here. I expect gold to be very strong into the first quarter of 2011. After that, it becomes very uncertain. I think gold may be on the cusp of going parabolic which would mean much higher prices by next January. If you want to get an idea of what I mean, pull up a chart of gold from 1979, the Nikkei from 1989, the Nasdaq from 1999 and crude from late 2007 into the first 6 months of 2008. Those markets all went parabolic and gold appears to be at just the right point in its cycle for it to happen again. If this is correct, the ramifications will be twofold. Firstly, this and all gold related stocks will explode much higher by next January than would ordinarily be the case. Second, if gold behaves as those other markets did after hitting a parabolic induced top, those same stocks, including TGB will plunge. If that scenario played out, TGB would plunge regardless of its prospects. I'm just giving you all a heads up on what to potentially expect.

    • I agree. At this price we are anticipating the prosperity will not be approved. At $7 a share that will be the low price if prosperity gets approved and $12 will be the high until they start reaping benefits in 2013 or 2014. Then we are in the $15 to $25 range and up. Even if the market cap jumps to 3 or 4 billion we will be sitting pretty from here and we all know it will be worth more than that.

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