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  • bocacassidy bocacassidy Aug 2, 2010 1:19 PM Flag


    BC ...and all of Canada needs a tough , no nonsense government that will roll up the rug on these ridiculous FN elements and their brazen demands . Until then the entire Country will be a hostage to an obstructionist and abusive minority that produces nothing of value. The willingness of the legitimate citizens who comprise the 97% majority to accept this ongoing victimization may possibly not continue forever ....."normalization" of the FN would benefit everyone else.

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    • I wonder if the FN Chiefs speak for all of their tribal members. Since the chiefs control the tribal purse strings, they have a personal interest in obtaining funds for the tribe which they can dole out at their discretion. I would suspect many tribal members have already assimilated into modern society and are not concerned with the old traditions.
      We have the same problem in the U.S. with leaders who do not care what the majority of citizens want. LOL

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      • valinv has highlighted one of the most egregious irregularities.....YES ! depositing funds under the control of the "chiefs" is Worse than placing a fox in charge of a chicken coop .......Hiding behind the absurd cloak of general immunity from proper audit , who knows the extent of misappropriation ? ...
        Any public appropriations for FN people should be directly controlled by civilized provincial government authority , and provided directly to individual FN members ....without sticky fingers in between.....The Chiefs - may well just be in business for themselves .....Tribal autonomy is license for unlimited theft !The taxpayers have never had any obligation to support a mini ha ha mafia.

    • The FN has taken a position which show what they are. They are a bunch of savages who belong living off the land and not in dwellings. They treasure some kind of hocus pocus religion without any facts. Its just a bunch of nonsense based on great grandfather's interpretation of some religion that is not even documented. Whey does the government tolerate such nonsense. Wake up you Canadians and see the beauty of the land and how can this hocus pocus religion be the source of this beauty and efficiency. It makes no sense and for you to submit to this hocus pocus means you are worshipping this as a God. You bunch of dummies, any fool can see that fish lake with super small fish means its a shallow lake with no substance. Prosperity mines will enhance the area and give it a real lake. In time, it will be better than what they have and you should treat FN as a bunch of savages and not responsible people.

    • as the economy drags on and people become more miserable , there will be less tolerance for the free-loaders of society , a few indians may lose their life trying to protect their fantasy land of fishing and hunting while collecting welfare money from taxpayers .

    • I have no problem with the FN’s people and I’m sure the FN’s people are hard working people. It all boils down to the FN’s people’s desire to maintain their culture. Here’s the deal. People are equal but cultures are not. The desire to maintain a culture originates in the brain stem. To non-FN’s people, it makes no sense for the FN’s people to continue to protect their culture. The evidence of the superiority of one culture over another is overwhelming. After all, totem poles don’t seem to stack up when compared to space shuttles or hospitals. To illustrate my point, the Chinese are still using sticks when everyone is familiar with the fork.

      This is a political issue and will be settled when there is a political will, expressed by the majority of people in Canada. I just hope that the Taseko management continues to try to build political support in the population centers of BC. Politicians tend to do what the majority of their constituents want.

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