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  • crazyhorsetribute crazyhorsetribute Dec 4, 2010 1:23 AM Flag

    R.I.P. Ron Santo

    He's in the Hall now. May his spirit be with all the Cub players; so we can win the World Series this year. My dream was to play for the Cubs. Baseball brings out the kid in everyone, and brings me closer to my dad.

    Prosperity is in the past. If the company focuses on what they have, and pursuing properties with friendly natives then TGB will Prosper. The stock may not be a money making vehicle now, but if the company doesn't quit it may end up a winner again. I'm out, but I always look at TGB.

    Merry Christmas,

    Matt Crazy Horse

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    • Matt:

      The Ron Santo tribute was very nice.

      Years ago, more than I care to remember, I had the good fortune meet Ron Santo. No, it was not some gala where I was introduced to a big league player. It was in a grocery store in down town Glendale AZ.

      It was in the spring and of course the Cubs were here for spring training. Ron was making an appearance there for the grocer.

      I was there by chance. Did not know who Ron Santo was. Luck shined on me and I had the winning ticket for the glove they were giving away.

      Ron was gracious to a wide eyed seven year old. He spoke to me. Shook my hand. Then handed me the glove. I was hooked. Baseball would by my first love the rest of my life.

      I lost the glove after more domicile relocation's than I care to remember. It can be tough to keep up with stuff when one is moving three or four times a year.

      However, my memory of that moment has never dimmed. I watched Ron play and later broadcast. He always held a special place my heart because of that moment when a big leaguer took some time with a young boy.

      Thanks again for the reminder.


    • Very Nice Matt,

      Thanks and Merry Christmas


      PS I used to watch him play, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins... the old players were the best... Chicago had a bunch...

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      • Indeed, too bad about Santo. He was a good guy, both on and off the field. But if you want to talk about "old Cubs," think about an outfield of Hank Sauer, Hal Jeffcoat and Frankie Baomholtz, Randy Jackson at third, Roy Smally (all time Cub leader in strike outs) as shortstop, and Dee Fondy on first. Pitchers? Bob Rush, RHP, and Paul Miner, LHP.

        You really had to be a Cub fan to love those guys. And, at ten, I was.

    • Merry Christmas to you Crazy Hoarse: however, if you think Prosperity is in the past, you better reconsider. You will learn that Prosperity is alive and well very shortly.

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      • jc - in the spirit of, well, 'spirit' - we'll just call it hanukkah since it isn't Christmas yet and I have no idea when Kwanza is this year - I've questioned some of your statements (like 'watch and learn') before, probably not in the most spiritually enlightened way. I can be like that.

        So, in the most enlightened way I know how, (and though I've sold a bunch of my TGB, I still own a bunch), please tell us how it is that you reach your conclusion that Prosperity is alive and well. Remember, that's 2 different conclusions - 'alive' can be anything with a pulse, no matter how faint; but 'well', while subjective, means much more than barely breathing.

        If you have some super-secret contact (a deep throat-like source), just tell us but don't tell us the name. Otherwise, as I've noted before, while you've been correct on some things in the past, you were dead wrong on the Fed approval days before it came out.

        Just as a side-note, you've never really answered when asked something like this - 'how do you know'. It certainly seems fair to ask, since you state it as fact.

        And, I can tell from your posts (and other writing you've shared here), that you're bright, literate - so you can understand the nature of my inquiry. Just don't get why you do it (not that I wouldn't wish you were correct in the 'well' conclusion).

        Maybe this time you'll give me a straight, on point answer. Enlightenly, it would be appreciated.

        Thanks, vegas.

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