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  • jcbrowns jcbrowns Dec 4, 2010 11:20 AM Flag

    R.I.P. Ron Santo

    Merry Christmas to you Crazy Hoarse: however, if you think Prosperity is in the past, you better reconsider. You will learn that Prosperity is alive and well very shortly.

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    • jc - in the spirit of, well, 'spirit' - we'll just call it hanukkah since it isn't Christmas yet and I have no idea when Kwanza is this year - I've questioned some of your statements (like 'watch and learn') before, probably not in the most spiritually enlightened way. I can be like that.

      So, in the most enlightened way I know how, (and though I've sold a bunch of my TGB, I still own a bunch), please tell us how it is that you reach your conclusion that Prosperity is alive and well. Remember, that's 2 different conclusions - 'alive' can be anything with a pulse, no matter how faint; but 'well', while subjective, means much more than barely breathing.

      If you have some super-secret contact (a deep throat-like source), just tell us but don't tell us the name. Otherwise, as I've noted before, while you've been correct on some things in the past, you were dead wrong on the Fed approval days before it came out.

      Just as a side-note, you've never really answered when asked something like this - 'how do you know'. It certainly seems fair to ask, since you state it as fact.

      And, I can tell from your posts (and other writing you've shared here), that you're bright, literate - so you can understand the nature of my inquiry. Just don't get why you do it (not that I wouldn't wish you were correct in the 'well' conclusion).

      Maybe this time you'll give me a straight, on point answer. Enlightenly, it would be appreciated.

      Thanks, vegas.

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      • My friends, family, and girl friend know I have the gut instinct, and I follow it because God gave it to me. I asked my girl Trina: Should I go to Business school, or study economics? NO. It will ruin your gut instints.

        I see TGB trying to please the Government more than the Natives. That's not only wrong, it sucks. I can't tell em what to do; but, it has to be done to mine up there. Or, you will wait another 17 years, and they won't care.

        If they make peace of course I will consider buying.

        Don't get attached to stocks.


      • Prosperity is dead because it has no Native support. I make it rule to go for explorers/miners in politically friendly countries, and friendly with the Natives. I was "speculating" Prosperity would get approved back in July. My gut told me not to wait until the next Decision. There are other companies that are friendly with the Indians/Natives. Those are on my list, and are in my portfolio. Selling is insurance when a stock gets broken like TGB, NXG, CGR, AT&T, JPM, EXC. Yes this is a broken stock! But, I don't think it's a broken company. Move forward you will Prosper (THAT's WHAT I SAID). The company will prosper if it focuses on properties owned, looking for politically safe places to explore/mine, and get good in with the Indians. I'm a shark that stalks it pray so obviously I'm always looking at new stocks every day TGB happens to a stock I once traded, and now just look at. I obviously don't buy at all because they are not a peace, friendly with indians. So to bring back Prosperity if they really want it is get the ball rolling for peace with the Indians. Send a Christmas card, and mean it.

        Merry Christmas,


        P.S. My only attachments are with the lord, my girl, and family and "close" friends. I will slam, and be prepared to sell any stock if it starts acting up. I reward good behavior.

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