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    • The Chief says this, the chief says that.
      It’s all BS!

      TGB should take the legal approach of resubmitting the Prosperity Project.

      The only communications should be with the Federal/Local Governments, period.

      TGB should have no dealings regarding the Prosperity Project with the FN.

      They should completely ignore the FN.

      They should have nothing to do with the FN. No business, no discussions, no deals. Otherwise, they will be committing suicide to the Project.

      If the FN does not like what TGB is doing/proposing, let them deal with Federal/Local Governments, just as TGB does.

      First Nations has no say in what is acceptable or unacceptable, as far as TGB is concerned.

      Been there, done that.

      End of discussion.

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      • The Government (Crown) owns thew land rights unless and until the the government says otherwise.

        FN's trying to legitimatize themselves outside of the law. (Not saying it won;t work, but that is exactly what they are doing, trying to reshape the law through politics, public opinion and de-facto but unofficial standards of doing business.)

        The whole "respect" thing sounds like black or latino street gang rhetoric and makes the tribes just sound like a bunch of garden variety ignorant thugs to those of us in the U.S.

        Taseko should ask the Feds what they need to do to get approval for mining, then do it if possible.
        The Feds should be the ones dealing with the tribal issues, not independent companies.

        If THAT path were allow to continue, it would be beginning of the end of Canada as we know it. It would be like trying to do business in the tribal parts of Africa. Canadians need to wake up and get this under control before it becomes too late to do so.

      • Lets hope Taseko got firm guidlines in advance for the design of the mine site. However even with promisses from the feds, politics can change everything.

    • We knew this would be coming....only this time Taseko sounds confident that a new bid will be acceptable. I'm assuming that the new way forward does not involve draining the lake at all.
      Chief Alphonse said: “The Tsilhqot’in are not against development, but it must be done with respect for us as a people, with respect for the environment, and with a SCIENTIFICALLY solid plan.
      Sounds like whatever Taseko has resubmitted may have influenced the federal government to lean toward approval. I'm curious as to what the alternative is that may be enough to pass this thing through.
      FN said he letter they received in January from the company’s president suggested a meeting, but they say it was after the fact that the company had been working with the province since Nov. last year.
      I think they are scrambling here to get some benefit from the probable outcome that Prosperity may gain approval. They just might be left out in the cold...?...No Deals. Listen to waht the Cheif says:
      “It is very difficult in these circumstances to believe the company is acting in good faith with us, or that it has any goal other than to force this totally unacceptable mine on us,”. it's not dead yet.

    • The chiefs are getting cold feet, they may be left out of the negotiations.

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