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  • bocacassidy bocacassidy Feb 27, 2011 10:56 PM Flag

    Bottom line on the FN

    The FN can only exist so long as the 97% majority of the population remains willing to tolerate them..There may yet prove to be a limit to how much abuse , expense and disruption the legitimate citizens will continue to accept ....All of the "treaties " of the past could be scrapped with enough pressure from an outraged electorate .Nevertheless -Canada is a nation of decent and civilized people that will never demand their extermination , but may support a government that is committed to ..."normalization" of the entire FN faction to 3% of the population ? - 3% of the land ! ....all subsidies and welfare to be terminated .....Where ? Baffin Island may be a suggested possibility..The FN would be well advised to cooperate and enjoy the amenities offered to them by a highly advanced and modern nation , and not alienate the 97% sleeping giant .....Pigs get fat- but hogs get slaughtered !

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    • bo,i think fn have been doing this extortion play so long,they fill bullet proof by now.maybe a loss in the pending case may give fn a dose of reality.we can only hope!! lol

    • Not saying you don't have a point. But from what I've seen of Canadian politics, the general population, the huge role lawyers play in all of this , you are years if not decades away from any backlash with real teeth.

      Look at how long it took the U.S. to begin to cut back on some of our outrageous affirmative action initiatives, and it is still going on. And the now all but useless union structure is just now finally coming under real fire after decades of abuse of the system by a minority of the people.

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