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  • retaoba retaoba Jun 10, 2011 12:58 PM Flag

    Over-reacting morons!

    I did not mean 75% higher Moly production, I meant 75% of what their projected increase mOLY would be.

    Not sure any numbers mean anything right now, but if we extroplate Q-1 production to this year, assuming no ioncreases at all, it would be 316,500 lbs x 4.

    CU would be 19.2 million pounds x 4.

    I assume they can do better (insert wry smile).

    In their report they said :

    "After the completion of GDP3, the Gibraltar ore body will be capable of supporting....production capacity of 180 million pounds of copper and 2.2 million pounds of molybdenum. The 4.3 billion pounds of recoverable copper will sustain operations at Gibraltar over the next 27 years at the increased production capacity levels which are anticipated to be achieved by 2013."

    Whether thay can come close to these numbers is the 64 dollar question, and who knows what the ratio of CU to Moly would be? If it is a true by product I assume there is a ratio range we could use for the deposit. (And as a by product it would add marginally to production costs, but will be adding significantly to by product credits, especially if the price of Moly goes up long term as many anticipate.)

    All I know for sure is any increase in Moly production will bring an outsized benefit to the bottom line.

    Sorry about the tire joke, you are correct, weather and tires are losing their humor value....

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