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  • retaoba retaoba Jul 5, 2011 3:05 PM Flag

    My guess is TCK does not make an offer until


    You said:
    "Don't believe Feds would ok any project in advance of due process. It would be political suicide. Not to mention illegal and impossible to keep under wraps."

    Sorry, but I must respectfully disagree. This may be cynical, yes, but I have little faith in even so called governments of the people such as Canada, the U.S., and Britain to do the right thing. There is a lot that gets done both illegally AND under wraps that niether you nor I noe I nor ANY on this board ever knows about when government and business meet. There is A LOT of money that changes hands that we RARELY hear about, except in the most blatent, egregarious and incompetent instances (Think the Moron ex-governor of Il - Blago for example.) Of course it it illeagal. but it happenes probably every single day in EVERY single country. In some (China, Russia, India), it is a way of life. In countries that have so called free and open governments, it may go on a bit less, but it still goes on and is covered up sucessfully 99% of the time.

    You also said:
    "In one post the feds would ok Prosperity on the sly to keep it out of Chinese hands, the next Chinese partnership is a reason for the hoped for bid?"

    Perhaps I was not clear - my fault.
    #1 The Feds would not okay Prosperity on the sly to keep it out of Chinese hands - they would do it for the same reason that most politicians do ANYTHING they do - money or power, in this case, money pure and simple. And of course it would have to be "on the sly", because as you point out- it would be "illegal".

    #2 An offer by TCK Wwould not be looked at by the Feds as a foriegn entity offer, no matter the large percentage of foreign ownership TCK is still regarded in Canada as an essentially Canadian company, so there would be no public backlash from their offer to TGB.

    #3 The reason foreign interest in TCK may make it more likely for an offer to be tendered is the ongoing and direct insatiable asian appetite for aquiring real wealth through natural resources. So, given the partial ownership of TCK, yes I would say that makes it more likely for us to see a bid by TCK rather another mining company.

    Hopefully I have clarified things. You nay disagree with my viewpoints. However, I do not want to EVER stake my life on finding 10 honest politicians in either Ottawa or Washington DC.
    Not with the current state of affairs and a defacto politcal ruling class in control of both countries.

    In 1887, Lord Acton (England) observed, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." And this still rings as true now as it ever did.


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    • I wish that the perception of RETAOBA about systemic government corruption were wrong , But the history of clandestine secret dealings between officials and special interests is too pervasive to ignore ....The Frog correctly states that corruption is illegal and dangerous....I fully agree ,but the secret payoffs continue unabated ...And only the most reckless cases become public scandals... The people involved may be unscrupulous however - they are extremely clever and difficult to detect....The previous rejection of PROSPERITY may have been based on a brown envelope( or the failure to place one under the table ) more than any concern for FN or environment .The truth will never be publicly known.

    • OK, so you believe TECK or TGB would pay off those it must to get approval and this would not leak out. Those making decision wouldn't be career hunting because of this activity and they would ignore this risk and the laws associated. My thinking is that those with the responsibility will act in their best interest long term. I have not considered any decision re Prosperity as right or wrong, rather do my best to figure most likely outcome. I don't believe I lack cynicism and am sure there are those here that would grin at the thought I might need a bit more. Without Prosperity I see no demand for any premium currently, so any sale will not be welcome w/o same. I too believe we disagree...I'm sure we are both good with that.

      To consider this hoped for offer as a substantial foreign entity offer from Chinese, either direct or indirect, is a stretch. After all they own what 17% or so of the company, with about 7% of the votes? Would surprise me if the Japanese (Sumitomo) don't have more voting power.

      I hope an offer does come and all here benefit from same, just see things differently as to the likelihood at this time. I believe a turnaround in operations and a rise in profitability will do more for ones chance of an offer, let alone hoped for premium, than the chance of Prosperity approval. Those measuring the risk could be assured of the upside in the prior, a bird in the hand so to speak.

      With luck we will all be around to see what comes...Good Fortunes...frog

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