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  • aanooch44 aanooch44 Feb 21, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    Eanings r out

    or should i say LOSSES r out
    what a disaster
    no matter what russ says, can't put lipstick on this pig and call it something else

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    • sure you can. Just pucker up and kiss the pig and move on. Things will be better this year.

    • actually, the report (IF it is truthful) is not bad at all.
      this stock hasn't been any worse on average than most in this sector and,
      they have accomplished several things which bode well for the future.
      to the naysayer, unless you have run a business of any size you don't know jack
      about the problems businesses, in any sector much less miners, face.
      THIS IS A "PENNY STOCK" folks !!!
      you want guarantees, buy T bonds (LOL)

    • "Russell Hallbauer, President and CEO of Taseko, commented, "2012 was a year of major transformation for Taseko. While mining companies around the world announced asset write-downs, capital expenditure overruns and operating cost inflation, we advanced our business plan of investing in our mining operations and development assets within defined economic constraints."

      Now he tries to use the excuse that Taseko didn't have it as bad as others. Look at 2011 and then 2012. He did horribly this guy and his board cronies should all be fired. Enough with the excuses.

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      • Russ is a deadbeat CEO. How can someone make excuses over and over for not performing and still be at the helm? In a private company, he #$%$ would have been canned long ago. Whadda joke!

      • I unfortunately don't think these are excuses for russ and his cronies, I think this is their sop. Who is there to hold them to a higher standard? Who contest the results of not just this qtr. but the last four years? Somehow Someway these people are God. It is what it is and there is no changing it short of selling this pos that is so far under it will never get to break even without a buyout.JMHO VERY VERY Tired of Russ and TGB.

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