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  • aussieosho aussieosho Nov 2, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

    Q Why would you sell, Feb, Gov answer so stock will go back up

    The Government will give us the answer in Feb so the stock is 2.22 now and it will rise again 2.70 on the hope of good news, and the stock is doing well on 30% increase in production. So this stock is easy a 2.30 stock value now and look at the charts on TGB it will double in a year so sit back and relax. Why would people panic, fools

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    • All I will say is " REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD " suck it

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    • Too many forces arrayed against this company that do not want P. And they are much better at stopping than TGB is about advancing.

      Did TGB get a raw deal on the review. I'd have to say it seems really likely that they did.
      However, I don't expect a miracle save from the government.

      And I just don't see what else they can do at this point to make any material difference on P in the foreseeable future.

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    • ausieosho,

      You state that TGB will double in one year but can you guarantee it. Of course not. The increased production of copper at these low prices does nothing to enhance TGB stock and the changes of Prosperity being approved are only 50 -50.

      So telling others to sit back and relax may not be welcome advice for those of us who have already sat back and relaxed for over two years waiting for another shot at Prosperity that just might break us even.

      If Prosperity is not allowed to proceed there will be no catalyst for future growth of this company and this stock will decline even further.

      Having said that, I still plan to wait another 120 days for the decision.

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      • Eventually common sense will prevail. TGB will offer good paying jobs for locals, establish a school, hospital, training center and community centers in exchange for mining. Will it happen in our life time is unknown. Too late to sell, think of it as a long shot, and forget about it. Just hope TGB has enough cash and income to survive the time it will take for the eventual approval.

      • Well, as a multi-year holder, I am quite releived that the increased production has come about, especially given the lower Cu prices. They still have an operating profit of $1.10/lb of Cu, so the more lbs they produce the better the company fairs abd it increases significantly their ability to withstand a further drop in prices. WHere before they may have had liquididty issues at say $2.90/lb now they could with make do with $2.50\lb. (made up numbers not actually calculated from average quarterly fixed costs.)

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    • Double in a year, eh?

      In what universe?

      We'll see how the obsequious fans of Russ respond when yet more--or maybe the same--hairbrain excuses are offered up for next quarter's in-the-toilet financials.

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      • I fully expect a good next Q... Even if they have to frontload it, add in last Q and do another confusing report so if you want the REAL situation, you have to read the WHOLE Quarterly report/financials insted of just the summary...

        I also expect Aley the make the news in Jan in another VAIN attempt to deflect from the reality that P is just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN... Probably some resource update of more 'Un-Obtainium' that they will never mine unless by helicopter... lol

        They shoulda listened to the 'Ballad of TGB' bck in nov of '10 and bought Pumpkin Hollow, no lake, better chances of getting done, but what do I know....?

        Like I said, they need to profit off G, it's all they got... It's going back to $2... the Mendoza line, and will be lucky to hold it.... They need G to have a big Q and then follow up on it of it'll go under $2 easy...

        Either way, even if it has another small run into the Fed Decision, it'll just tank when they say no again... sorry to say...


      • He must have a bulletin board in his bedroom with the excuses on it. And he just either throws a dart at the board on ER day or some other crazy method. The excuses are just so random.

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