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  • bocacassidy bocacassidy Nov 7, 2013 10:59 PM Flag

    A "mistake" ?

    Even a bumbling bureaucracy could hardly blunder on this scale.. The possibility of deiberate sabotage cannot be ruled out ....... A failure to approve the actual P2 plan will cost the BC economy many billions of dollars - for no sensible reason !

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    • You cannot underestimate the ability of Big Bureaucracy to blunder anything. We cannot even build a website. But that doesn't stop some morons from thinking we should entrust them with more and more control. Right fountain?

    • Is this a civil matter between the Aboriginals and the government? If so Taseko is likely a third party with no legal standing. If that's the case Taseko can only argue for the validity of the engineering design, and the engineers in essence are, like them independent of the interested parties. The unknown is what standing the Fed gives the non-aboriginal inhabitants on Taseko's side.

      I found where a precedent was set by the Haida Nation vs Weyerhauser forestry case decided in 2004 in a BC civil suit in which the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of the aboriginals' moral and legal rights to the land and natural resources. Did the govt assign Taseko the mineral rights to NP? Has it been held up in court? Sounds like there are still unresolved issues here beyond the seepage issue.

      Outside of this whole mess, someone's been accumulating shares. Taseko's a value play with or without NP. The stock has been manipulated bigtime, but I think it would be hard to prove given the above. It's the only explanation for why no one has brought suit yet that I can see.

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    • "Even a bumbling bureaucracy could hardly blunder on this scale"


      Ever hear of obamacare? Sebelius? A federal website that cost over half a billion dollars that could only handle 6 people the first day? You might want to retract that statement!

      Anyway, this NRCan't mess smells more like a clumsy attempt to push an agenda than incompetence.
      Vegas is right, it does not pass the smell test....

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