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  • dakotagoodhue dakotagoodhue Mar 4, 2014 10:53 AM Flag

    Harper sticks a fork in Prosperity

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    • Harper just completed the circle of the wagons, no more, no less.

      Russ is the guy who screwed up -- he #$%$ off the wrong guy. Then using engineers logic, he compounded that error by assuming that logic and facts would win the day over old fashoned politics.

      How else can you spend $300M on the design of your state of the art -- proven in practice today -- environmental solution and still have your project rejected as if your proven environmental solution NEVER EXISTED?

      All politics is local, and most govt workers are political appointees/favors/connected... generally not competent enough to make it on their own in the real world, but thankful and loyal to the hacks that got them employed... and you keep you job by not rocking the boat.

      Prosperity needs a new face become viable... its really that simple. Russ needs to move on by either retiring or spinning out Prosperity as it's own company... something that can start a fresh without all that Russ baggage.

    • This is Ludicrous, first Rob Ford and now he's joined by Stephen Harper in buffoonville!!!

      Did he even read it? doesn't he SHOULDN'T" HE KNOW the report is based on inaccurate information!?!

      Shouldn't a PM HAVE A HANDLER OR PRESS SECRETARY vet his comments before he opens mouth and inserts foot?!?

      "“It is also in an area where there’s unresolved land claim issues, and local aboriginal groups… do not approve the project,” he said."
      WELL Mr. Harper, WHOSE FAULT is THAT?!? I think that's YOUR government's fault, and the indecisive Canadian courts that seem to trying to give away a third of your country.....

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I honestly wonder why you are shocked by this...

        Why wouldn't they invite them to try again...?"Thank-you, may I please have another" kick in the nuts... call it p3...lololol

        Job security for more Panel members, MORE BS, more fake testimony, more false Info, more speeches, more Drums... Really???

        Gonna keep going till they spend more on trying than they get back in PROFIT FROM P... ???


        Start shopping Russ, if your smart enough... just like Last time, 2 1/2 years ago...


        Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it...

    • A very good article all here should read...

    • “All of this will roll out in front of a court some day,” Mr. Battison said of this dispute with Ottawa. Some day soon I hope!

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