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  • golddiggerstocks golddiggerstocks Jan 8, 2010 2:13 PM Flag

    Forget Augmented Reality

    Lets talk reality. I thought this CES was going to be great. I was pretty much led to believe it was anyway.Awards, top reviews, Last Gadget Standing, blah blah blah. Look what we get instead. Some guy does a planned hatchet job on the company. AT does this video that pretty much says lasers not available yet. Wait a little while longer. In the meantime the shares get pummelled. What a ffing fiasco! Boy do I wish I sold my shares at $5.50
    Now I have to make the decision to buy more and average my cost. I still think MVIS can make it and the share price will go to ten or twenty if they get the green lasers. Its all about the green lasers. No green lasers no products. Thanks for letting me vent. I'm going to buy some what the heck. I'm here to stay. Do or die. Good luck people.

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    • Averaged down last week. THis week I moved 20k shares into a new Roth Account and will leave it there. The problem as I see it corresponds with your view of the Green Lasers. Got inot this company when I saw GLW was part of this new tech. Bought GLW back in 01 at 1.42 and love their Sullivan Park Tech reasearch Center. I now hold a ton of MVIS and look at GlW with a little skepticism in their ability to understand some of the products they got into. GLW has a strangle hold on the company and doesn't seem to care a whole lot about MVIS' position. THeir reputation as a tech leader is suspect as far as I am concerned. OSRAM seems really committed to the Green Laser story and I feel will ultimately be the supplier of choice for MVIS. GLW has crippled this company and I wouldn't be surprised if they are selling Green Lasers to our competitors. I have always felt that GLW would be a risk sharing partner in this new tech and that they would be an investor in MVIS if the opportunity presented itself due to their belief that PicoP was the future. Holding long, but not looking for GLW to be there long term for MVIS.

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