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  • cpinvs cpinvs Jan 12, 2010 10:10 AM Flag

    Not happy we went this low but

    I am calling a bottom. March may seem far away but it is not. I believe we went this low because the market does not trust AT anymore not because of March. If he hits the timeline of march (which I believe he will) we are off to the races. He screwed up big time and he knows that can't happen again. Last time I spoke with ir (a month) ago..Osram was already starting to producing GLs and I believe they are going to be pumping them out by Feb.

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    • I say we are bottoming today and it is up from here. Just waiting for consolidation (may be happening right now). Today will be the low imo.

    • Hope your right and hope they are better than Corning. The ramp up continuing after March is what I'm watching. We need lots of green lasers to get all the potential we have to offer into the mainstream. Once that happens we can use all the lasers we can get our hands on.

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      • I think you all are missing the boat. The market is forward looking! The market knows that in 3 months we will have plenty of GL's. The market's real concern is not with the GLs anymore but if the SHOWWX will sell in volumes to make a profit!

        The $500 price is way too high for what the SHOWWX offers. It's really not a business quality projector and it's really not a TV replacement. So, it's a fun toy to have.....however, the $500 takes the fun out of it! Few people will cough up $500 for a projector that they will use once in awhile as a novelty.

        Hold on, cause we will be visiting $2 before the earnings!

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