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  • krysklezmer krysklezmer Sep 28, 2011 4:32 PM Flag

    Not good.

    No stock I've ever owned--and I've a lot of crappy stocks--have recovered from such a point below 1.00 per share. My lengthy period of owning MVIS may end like STA (Starter), MMFX (Metromedia Fiber Networks), INTD (Intellidata) and the rest of the crap I ridden to zero. May be I'll learn one day. I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see any hope with MVIS.

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    • full of NEW BOZO ids.

    • Consider the market that we're in...don't let it psych you out. Nothing has changed in the fundamentals.

    • I was in error about the parameters of the financing deal. There were no lies so go suck yourself you stupid moron!

    • Why don't you support your lies?

      Where's the $35 million YOU JUST SAID, mvis secured? Should be an easy one for you, that's a lot of money and should last mvis until 2013. I wonder why the pps is still at $.69 if such a huge risk has been lifted?

      Oh yeah, it's Mr Market - coming off a 4 day up big move. Oh wait, Mr. market is coming off a 2 year bull market during which time mvis is down Nearly 90%.

      Oh wait - none of this makes sense which means you're lying.

      Oh wait - there's only one desperate blatant liar like that on this board foaming at the mouth, while pressuring and begging like a dog, for longs to keep buying.

    • Now you're talking common sense, statistics and facts.

      That won't go well here, especially with the delusional, lying board trolls - stu pid and senseless1 (currently trying to escape the 1-star bandit by posting under his sexually descriptive lifestyle name: SadCock).


      Folks: Got a 1-star rating for senseless1?

    • krysklezmer...question for you... you know what a "seminar player" is?

      They are the same plants that applauded at the Repub debates when they mentioned the "Death Penalty", and booed at a "Gay soldier"...all plants to make the Republicans and Tea Party look bad (to the ignorant Independents and Democrats that have not seen the light)(side note: liberals are a lost cause)

      With that in mind, go and click on your own "review history" and read the titles to and the body of, your own past posts/words there (including this one here) you will realize why people dont trust you, as every one of your posts makes you comes off as a "seminar player".

    • Statistically few. Emagin (EMAN) was trapped below $1, tried a 10x reverse split, flourished for a couple years, and now appears to be shrinking back to sub $1.

    • Well, there's a first time for everything eh?

      Microvision is the only technology of its kind on the planet and OEM's are waiting for DGL's. Also, they've just received another $35million dollars in finacing, so why do you think they won't survive?

      The only reason the PPS is down this low is because the stock market is in the dumper and Microvision has not made a profit. that's all about to change and honest people know it!

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      • "Microvision is the only technology of its kind on the planet"

        Wow, that's not true. Ever hear of Maradin, Opus, or Lemoptix (which was discussed extensively just today)?

        "Also, they've just received another $35million dollars in finacing"

        And that's also not true. They signed a deal that could theoretically result in that much financing, but right now at 70 cents, they're five cents below the lowest financing tier defined in that agreement.

        They can still raise some money, and while the terms and amounts are not defined I think you can bet it will be substantially less than 35 million - particularly if the price doesn't get back up to $0.75 fairly soon.

        I understand you might be a little underwater right now and that can be unsettling - depending on how much, but that's no excuse for lying to other investors.

        Shame on you, gs.

    • Two things only would drive the stock to zero: failure of technology; failure of financing options. Anything is possible, but odds are neither will happen. Why? Recent assurances on both counts from the company would put management in a difficult legal position should they prove to be hollow. MVIS IR has confirmed projector prototypes suitable for embedding will be shipped to OEMs by year end; that's the technology touchdown. IR has also said the company is confident financing will be available; we'll take them at their word. Dilution is another matter. MVIS could turn out to be a good company, but a mediocre stock. We are nearing the end-game. The next conference call should help clarify things. David Sandler

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