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  • stillinshock stillinshock Feb 22, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

    Trust Us Here in Redmond

    They are handsomely paid indeed, and AT and JeffW are the ones that put us here. It was AT's foreacast and updates that created this mess. He is the guy paid not to be taken for a ride by third rate companies that walk away and leave the MVIS shareholders holding the bag. He is the guy that makes the deals and the announcements that always come up short. He is the guy that is muzzled by the lawyers now and can't give updates. Where are the laser updates promised in December for every few weeks. The pps is going lower because no matter how much is going on, he can't say anything to support the company. Now I've gone and done it, I'll have to listen to all the Tokman clones scream about Kroger puffs and crap and hear how wonderful the Russian mafia is.

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    • "Now I've gone and done it, I'll have to listen to all the Tokman clones scream"

      LOL boogs, you poisoned this mofo alias a long time ago with your typical crushingly obvious basher nonsense. Try using a little subtlety with the next one, and I'll let you know how you are doing.

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