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  • sturocks sturocks Jun 11, 2012 9:03 AM Flag

    Basher poster might otherwise be serial killers

    if they didn't have these boards as an outlet.

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    • Seriously Stewart? Serial Killers? Good Lord you're dumb!!

    • Sturocks wants to manipulate you like the following: See here

      "These forum posts are intended to overstimulate the autistic mind - a mind that was created through a ploy beginning in WW2. Due to the gradual increase of wave usage, mercury, fluoride, plastic additives, and food additives, and deprivation of nutrients, as well as manipulation of actual brainwave frequencies through bombardment with radio waves at times of interest, we have essentially turned the majority of human brains into a state of what we call "autism."

      These minds are easily overstimulated by sensory input thus making it impossible for them to rapidly understand tyrannical behavior, and thus making them easily controlled by their emotional response to such stimulation. Autistics are often sociopathic and refuse to take accountability for their condition which they know in their heart is somehow being caused externally. This is a world wide epidemic that has been created malevolently by those in power and intended to enslave a new generation of people who are bound by irrational code rather than natural law."

    • Sturocks is a blatant sociopath. Clearly.

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