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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Sep 7, 2012 8:30 AM Flag

    So that dip in the share price earlier today?

    Market manipulation targeting individual investors of interest is very common - usually investors with big accounts or people of strong moral character who speak out are targeted. The market manipulators have algorithms to understand the patterns of decisions you've made in the past to determine how they will capitalize on your tendencies within the stocks you own. Manipulations to trip stops, trigger averaging down, cause buying or scare sells, these are all techniques that you'll see applied once you open a position.

    It's thought that puppet-masters, government employees, and even congressmen are conspiring to drain the accounts of America. Why? Because having spending cash is the closest you can be to having any kind of rights other than being a complete slave to a colonialist empire. And as people evolve and grow suspicious the techniques used against them evolve as well, because in truth, the enemy is a devil who "speaks in tongues" and when language contains ambiguous or metaphorical value you can be sure that it is either a trick to test your limits or a trick to take your livelihood - in either case, this is a bad thing and is a presumptuous(meaning you are being presumed to have no self control or moral fiber) invasion of the sovereignty of every human being..

    Either way, the ultimate goal would be to control you by speaking in tongues, constantly leaving you one step behind by creating large circular paths to any single objective when the B-line solution is simultaneously criticized as uncivilized, or psychotic, or fanatical, for example, without ever identifying why standing up for the law of the Most High is a problem - instead insults and labels are cast, which is merely the devil speaking in tongues, in dual meanings. You are not expected to "take what you want from it" or think "to each his own" or "take it how you want to" oh no, these are the concepts that have enabled satanism throughout society.

    There is only one true way to perceive the world around us. And it is based on the law of the Most High. Instead of worshiping false idols and being a government slave, consider being a slave to the Most High.

    As a humble and determined slave, you will not be stopped from fulfilling your dreams of peace and harmony. You will always see the truth as a slave of the Most High. But if you choose to be a slave to false idols, you may find yourself falling short in endeavors.

    Release yourself. Say now "That would be worshiping a false idol" and release all of your anxieties. Do not fear death for when you are killed it is merely a symbol of the end of your duty here. You will not perish unless you are supposed to, try your best. Good luck.

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    • Really? That has to be the biggest bunch of slap the other side of my face too crud I have ever read....... I'll tell you who is "Most High"...
      When you believe in deities and superpower,and fantasy, it's like studying "geology without believing in tectonic plates. You're just not going to get the right answer. Your whole world is just going to be a mystery instead of an exciting place." Bill Nye

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