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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Nov 6, 2012 12:33 PM Flag

    MicroVision 2012 Q3 CC transcript


    50 Lumens with added features comig to the new Genereation PicoP engine using proximity sensors
    Adding features not found on any other pico projector
    Low form factor
    750p HD (IMO its going higher)
    low power consumption while maintaining a one inch by 1/4 inch engine
    (wasn't just awhile ago many on this board stated MicroVision could never get passed 15 lumen?)

    In talks with the majors OEMs, 6 sitting at the table, several ready to make a move

    Working with Automobile suppliers (6) that partners with all the major Automobile Manufacturers around the Continent forming what Alex called the triangle.

    Working with Automobile OEMs in Japan (Asia), North America and Europe.

    Working on the Electronic Consumer side, MicroVision is in talks with companies from North America, Japan (Asia) and Korea. He also stated Samsung is in those discussions.

    New technology to be shown at CES 2013 just 10+ weeks away.

    Additional Engine Sample Kits (20 more) have been sent out to new OEMs Q3. Now we have out over 36 to multiple OEMs around the globe.

    Gross margins on product to Pioneer is double digets

    Cash burn is reduced 40% from last year and revenues up 40%

    Osram and Nichia in production. Sony coming next 12 months (100mW true-green 530nm breakthrough)

    OEMs find MicroVision technology over other pico projector technology
    Case in point: Steven DeBaars comment at a conference this summer stating that most consumer electronic devices will move towards laser technology and mentioned MicroVision as well. By the way, Steven is the founder of Soraa.

    I liked the confernce call. MicroVision is moving forward. Cash is not going to be a problem, green lasers Alex said is not to be a problem and it looks like brighness and low power consumption will not be a problem as MicroVision IMO seems to be hitting all their goals following their roadmap of new Generation PicoP's. (My gut tells me new partnerships are on their way as well, IMO time will tell)

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    • geoffreyporter Dec 1, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

      Nazees are back. Wahoo

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    • You know guys, I love reading the transcript and all the bites that went with it, but I keep comming back to the fact that Tokman has lied so often that I can't get as excited as the rest of you. I am here, and very long, and will be for the duration because I have loved the tech (bought one of the first units) and believe in it's eventual success, but would feel a lot better if we had a real CEO that the street and investors tursted. His forecasts and updates cost me a bundle so far and I have traded the ups and downs to keep up as best I can a position that will be quite rewarding, if and when our time comes. We have changed business models and watched folks that contributed to the success of this company go out the door left and right. Hoping we are really "First and goal", and that there are "NO gating issues" in 2013, and that we "Begin shipping to one of three" OEM's that are names I recognize. I am happy with Pioneer and Intersil etc and would love to hear other names of that caliber soon. Keep the bites comming because that MUTE only cares about his next paycheck and doesn't have the time for us small time shareholders.

    • Golly Gee! With all that wonderfulness I wonder why the share price hasn't moved?

    • geoffreyporter Nov 29, 2012 9:34 AM Flag

      Bump above the nazees

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    • geoffreyporter Nov 25, 2012 3:20 PM Flag

      Bump up the greatest hits

    • THanks 'joe' for posting that with link...

      ...i tried to post the same thing... [altered] the link the same plus much of the same paraphrasing...but, it was still

      ...anyway...thanks again, you pulled all the info that i wanted to highlight as very exciting current and new information that seemed to really stand-out, like: "50 lumen and intersil" comments, some loose elucidation on DGL production ramp and steep/rapid wholesale costs drop timelines that include the use of the word "10's of millions", other comments like "Asian fiscal year...April, when budgets for projects are formalized" (which seemed to suggest PicoP maybe placed within those budget initiatives), PicoP kits in the hands of several individual entities since Feb of 2012 with 12-18 month process for business decisions, 20 individual entities signing up for more kits...

      ...a lot more great info in the call!

      P.s... i snickered a little when the one guy (Randy Huff) exclaimed..."Am i dreaming"

    • Joe, where are you getting Nichia from? Mvis has only referred to "the supplier of Pioneer" several times now. The only mention of Nichia I've ever seen was one reporter speculating in his story, and this board running with it. I still think it could be Soraa, I'd perfer if be Soraa :) So if you have a link to it being Nichia, could you post it, please?
      And there wasn't any mention of Proximity sensors in this CC, though we must assume they'd need them for 50 lumen. Do you suppose Intersil would be the one working on that? First the mention of 50 in the speech by the Mvis fellow, can't remember his name, and now mention by Tokman, so it must be so. Many thanks.

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      • 1 Reply to dsaur009
      • Dsaur, I mentioned Nichia because they are producing Direct Green Lasers.There are two companies online as MicroVision stated. They may not be used by Pioneer at this time because I think Pioneer maybe using Osram or both but they are online with a product and i would expect them to advance like many others in the field but don't know if they will match what I think Soraa will end up doing. If you look at the Displayround from MicroVision about Osram coming on line soon they state:

        "Osram joining the supplier to Pioneer that has been providing commercial DGLs for its Cyber Navi HUD product that is now selling in Japan."


        As for Soraa,Steven DeBaars said he believed there will be first progress before end of year in a conference he spoke at this summer. I'm also looking forward to Soraa's developments with Green Laser Diodes.

        If you recall Neil Evans from MicroVision speaking at Careers Speakers Series in May 2012 that MicroVision will get to 50 lumen and they believe for their applications the 50 lumen is just right.
        Neil also stated MicroVision is working with Ford Motors which could be why Alex statedthey are in talks with Tier 1 Automobile Manufacturers from North America


        As for the proximity sensors, Intersil mentions it in the PR in Septemeber partnering with MicroVision:

        "integrating advanced features such as virtual touch and proximity sensing
        increasing brightness
        reducing power consumption and component size
        lowering the cost of the overall solution."


        The proximity sensors was also mentioned to me in a email from MicroVision IR many months ago as I posted it here as of ways to increase brightness with safety.

        Also a article on Displayground:


        As for them not mentioning Proximity sensors at the Q3 CC, Randy from Pro-Equity never asked

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    • Alex stated to Randy Huff from Pro-Equity that Intersil and MicroVision will take next Generation PicoP to double the Gen2 25 lumen to 50 lumen (proximity sensors), reducing the engine to 1 inch and 1/4 inch thick, even lower power consumption, small form factor with added features that is unmatched by competitors along with 720p HD (IMO going higher) and touch interaction.

      1/3 of Pioneers backlog has been delivered while MicroVision expects to fullfill the remaining orders in Q1 and Q2 2013

      Pioneer is looking to possiblity of expanding to Europe in 2013 Alex stated. remember the Auto Show in Paris this summer, a article stated Pioneer expected to be in Europe by summer 2013.

      To date, Alex stated MicroVision is in good discussions with a sub group of OEMs for business negotiations and several are coming very close

      MicroVision stated that some of the OEMs they are in talks with are working their budgets for this technology for introduction of product for 2013 and on. Japan would be April 2013.

      MicroVision stated they are in business discussions with six OEMs and many of the OEMs that have been been in touch with MicroVision for 4 years are now coming back to the tables. Keep in mind we just sent another 20 PicoP engine Kits out to more OEMs Q3

      Alex stated MicroVision is in talks with Tier 1 Automobile manufactures in North America, Asia (mainly Japan) and Europe. They are also working with 6 Automobile Suppliers Tier 1 players that supply all automakers around the continent which Alex stated forms the triangle. (MicroVision, Auto Suppliers, Automobile Manufacturers.)

      Consumer side MicroVision was said to be in discussions with Top Tier 1 OEMs on North America, Japan (Asia and Korea) Alex mentioned Samsung as being one of this Tier 1 giants.

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