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  • gandn4ever gandn4ever Nov 30, 2012 10:10 AM Flag

    green lasers not AT's fault

    But now that we have green lasers and 32 companies evaluating product, and 6 companies in "discussions" if AT cannot sign meaningful deals then he must go IMO.....

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    • Alex is a lying thief(.)

    • Corning's CFO reported this over four years ago... "That means we've gotten to a stage where we can make it, we can make it small enough, we can make it low enough power and we can make it... probably not as cheap as they want but still they're considering it."

      Everyone knew they were too costly to use without losing money. It was Alik's fault he led you guys on. He's still doing it for Christ's sake. I've reported this ever since I spent a lot of time talking to experts at trade shows.

      Besides being too costly...they weren't efficient I reported all along. We're still looking for the holy grail that will get us to 1.5w power target.

      Hey maybe Alik only listens to what he wants to hear like those pumping MVIS for years.

    • A lack of green lasers might not have been Tokman's fault but lying about it certainly was. Leading the company into a dead end and placing all its eggs in one basket certainly was.

      Tokman is an incompetent liar. He needs to go regardless of what happens from this point forward. He is personally responsible for the massive losses shareholders have suffered in the last three or four years. His lies have cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

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      • And, a lot of that money was mine Bull. But on the other hand, I do believe Corning jerked him around really bad and put him in a survival position that was almost impossible. What I do agree on is the fact that he didn''t tell us we were launching a product that would lose tons of cash and that the development time would be years away. Either he didn't have a clue about the difficulty in bringing this to market or he was blinded by his own ego. Smart engineers are a dime a dozen, and as I used to say at the lazy B, a trip to the factory floor should be mandantory before they put time lines down on paper. AT would of been better served if he had gone to the suppliers and spent real time investigating what some folks were telling him. Good CEO's used to do just that and knew not only the product but the labor that put it together and the suppliers they could count on. I walked the facotry floor with some of the best names in the business who wouldn't remember me, but I sure do remember them questiioning processes as we went and talking to the folks involved. You can't do that from Chicago when the plant is in Seattle. Hopefully Tokman is learning from this mess and he comes out the other end much better than he is now. Contracts are the proof and he is up to bat right now. I also believe that Piioneer wil be this company's saving grace.

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