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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Dec 24, 2012 7:40 AM Flag

    Suicide festivals of the future?

    Should we organize suicide festivals such that people who hate goodness and life can commit suicide together? After all, misery loves company.

    Why are we trying our current NWO plan?
    Why not just make a delineation between Satanists and those who fight for life, segregate the Satanists naturally, and then conspire to advertise suicide as the only repentance for a satanist, the only way out.

    Much like we've used the media to trick people every which way, why don't we use it to convince certain types of people to commit suicide? In this way, they have killed themselves out of disrespect for God. So how can it be wrong?

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    • I seriously question the methodologies of Isaac Newton. Why are we not manipulating these Satanists into committing suicide directly? Forget the slow decline and shift in society.

      Why would we use the media to make malicious attacks on the soul to create Satanism, but not use it alternatively to once again attack the souls of the Satanist, calling for their suicide, and hopefully helping them to realize the value of life.

      I just wonder...I think the people who drafted the NWO weren't very smart, and if it wasn't for all the awards their people created, they would have no ego to stand on. I think they're full of #$%$, and don't understand Satanism. I think they're downright mentally challenged and I'd love to square off with them in a knife fight...But I have a feeling they can't fight...What kind of human beings are these....Freaks....

      It's either that we make Satanists go away, or Satanism is the future. It might be true of the future that the human race is going to be captured and controlled by scientific quackery until it is wiped out by a great flood. Floods occur when humans tamper with the atmosphere (comprised of many types of waves, molecules, forms of radiation, etc etc) When the balance is disturbed by unsound and ungodly practices (unnatural), eventually the weather cycle develops into something that we do not understand. This has happened in ancient times, but it is not happening now.

      I repeated. Climate change of modern era is being created using radio towers to create large bubbles in the shell of the ionosphere by super heating it and causing it to expand outward into space. This drags with it the jet stream.

      These same towers are being used to directly melt the ice caps and it takes time for it to work, just about as much time as it's taken for them to melt, that's about how long it takes for radio waves to melt miles of ice over years.

      Anyway, this is all a hoax. The real judgement day and what not comes through physics, not through some man-made conspiracy.

      This is all a hoax to get control of the world's governments...If they told me why, I might cut them a break...but for now it seems to be for fleshly reasons. Let them fail and burn in hell. Many will see to it.

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