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  • sensibull2 sensibull2 Dec 26, 2012 1:31 PM Flag

    More of the same!

    No skiing today because of the huge storm in the Sierra's. So checking in. As I and others said the stock just keeps going down and it will continue to do that all the time there is silence from Microvision. I'm building a nice short position at the moment. Got 5K off at $2.01 on Monday and added another 5K this morning at $2. If there is not a MAJOR announcement at CES, a MAJOR announcement, not some worthless partnership or sales agreement with a company no one has ever heard of and which will result in no sales, this stock is going to $1with a major $10-15 million share dilution around $1.25 - $1.50.

    Shorting this is free money. Tokman is a criminal and is stealing shareholder value but the pom-pom waving longs just can't see it. Or rather they do see it but the $5.75 an hour Microvision pays them to pump the stock makes them loyal to a losing cause. Jump on the short side. Make some spendable cash.

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    • Jeffers,

      Two things. First is do you want to try and answer the question as to why Microvision's share price has crashed 25% in the last month and why does the share price just keep falling?

      And second, why should I accept any challenge from you? I say Microvision's share price will close below $1.68 again but if it doesn't I won't stop posting on here while I'm making money on the stock.

      You seem to think there is something wrong with doing that. That betting against a company is morally wrong somehow. But I have been proven right time after time after time. When you and all your pom-pom waving friends told us that Pioneer was now selling HUD's and that DGL's were available in mass quantities and that the share price was going to the moon, anyone who could actually read and string two coherent thoughts together knew that the lack of announcements from DGL manufacturers and the lack of announcements from OEM's and particularly Pioneer, was an indication that DGL's were, in fact, only available in limited quantities, that no other OEM's were using Microvision's technology and when we saw that Microvision's Royalty revenue at the last CC was a paltry $83,000 after DGL's being available for an entire quarter and Pioneer's HUD being offered for sale for an entire quarter equated to virtually zero sales........., well, everyone with half a brain knew the stock was going much, much lower. So, I started selling share short. Shares, that if we are to believe you and Cletus and Stewart and Sorenhane, you were all buying.

      In other words, you were ALL wrong and I and others who either sold short, just sold or did not buy, were correct. I'll keep posting as long as I'm correct. As I have said a thousand times over the years, I hope MIcrovision does get it right. I can't see that happening simply because Tokman is an idiot, but you never know. I hope it goes up because if it does go up I'll make a whole lot of money to add to the whole lot of money I have made while it has been going down.

      You see, I understand how to play this game. Unlike you who have no idea how to play the stock market. So keep up your childish posts. They are amusing and I appreciate the laughs while I count my money in this beautiful house at Lake Tahoe paid for exclusively by the generosity and utter stupidity of Microvision longs like you.

    • Come on Jeffers. Why do you think that the share price has lost 25% of its value since Thanksgiving? Do you think that's how stocks behave when they are on the cusp of wonderfulness? I don't think so but I'd be fascinated to know what you think is the reason behind the price crash in the last month.

      Come on boy. Whatcha Got???

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      • geoffreyporter Dec 26, 2012 4:36 PM Flag


        At the end of July, Pioneer's AR HUD was made available for purchase. On Jul 31, MVIS stock closed at $1.68. I say the stock will not close below $1.68 in the next six months. If it does, you will never again see a post written by me on this message board. If it doesn't, will we never see you post on this message board again? Are you willing to accept this agreement?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Keep it up Jeffers. Everyone already sees you as a pratt. But go ahead and confirm it for everyone.

      None of it alters anything in reality. But I'm happy to give you a chance here. Why do you think that the share price just keeps dropping?

      It would be both fascinating and extremely entertaining to read your theory.

    • By all means post my past trades Jeffers. The short interest has declined a little lately as people have locked in profits. There is two kinds of short trades. Long term where people have ridden this down by multiple dollars a share and there are short term short trades, like I make where I sell and cover in a matter of weeks at the most. A small decline in overall shares short is not really indicative of the short selling activity. There is absolutely no sign that Microvision's fortunes have altered. No contracts have been signed, no OEM's have stepped up to the plate and the biggest thing of all is that the company is rapidly running out of money. They have no choice but to dilute to the tune of Millions of shares in the very near future. They will get no more than $1.50 for those shares and the stock will lose 10-20% additionally to that. That's why the stock just keeps going down. When was the last day it finished up? It's a while ago. Hardly the performance of a company on the verge of the great things you tell stories about.

      So, you bet your Christmas Pudding I'm shorting this puppy at the current stratospheric price point.

    • geoffreyporter Dec 26, 2012 1:42 PM Flag

      ..and cue the liar.

      So, you want readers of the message board to sell shares short while the short interest has been in decline for the past since the introduction of the Pioneer AR HUD? Why would any reader in their right mind do that?

      Also, the only thing you're shorting is your stroke. Would you like me to post your past claims of shorting this stock?


      The owner of a ShowWX+ who's seen the Pioneer AR HUD in person and is not paid by Microvision.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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