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    The MEMS scanning the chip in place micro projector phone MWC Qi hair

    Time: 2013 January 17, 2011 07:22
    In the MEMS wafer optical assembly plant under full sprint, a new generation of embedded MEMS laser micro projector optical scanning chip, expected in 2013 into volume production; ray machine engine assembly technology will also become more mature, including resolution, brightness and size specifications are fully upgraded, and thus has attracted a number of first-line smartphone brand factory, competing import product design.

    Figure 3 advanced micro systems, general manager of Hong Changli DLP micro projector to improve after the support of the resolution, the chip size will follow enlarged, the development of embedded program has a lot of challenges.

    Advanced Micro system, general manager of Hong Changli (Figure 3), said that the company has a small amount of shipments of MEMS scanning chip, used in the development of stand-alone or mobile device plug-MEMS laser micro projector; the third quarter of 2013 is expected to further production embedded MEMS laser micro projector scanning chip, and with a dedicated image processor, provides complete chipset solutions, and to create a resolution of 720p, the volume of 2 cubic centimeter (cm3), brightness 20? 25 lumens (lm) and the power consumption is only 1.2? 1.5 watts (W) embedded MEMS micro projector light machine, the fight for mobile devices built-in opportunities.

    As for STMicroelectronics in 2012 is acquisitions bTendo, reinforcing laser projection light machine technology, also further enshrined in the MEMS scanning chip development blueprint. The company exclusive use of the Flying Spot embedded micro projector design architecture, has also to build an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and introduced a reference design in order to reduce the the system Factory R & D burden.

    Wang Jiayu, technical marketing manager of STMicroelectronics, the third quarter of 2013, STMicroelectronics will also release the upgrade program, the resolution will be expanded to 1,080 p, brightness up to 25 lumens of light machine size will be reduced to 1.5 cc , height 5 millimeters (mm), mobile device developers have more design space.

    With the wafer with light machine engine technology in place, the front-line phone brand factory is in full swing into product design; especially in Japan, South Korea and mainland China, the most active industry has initially planning a big show in the the MWC exhibition in 2013, built-in MEMS micro projector enabled mobile phone. Hong Changli not hesitate to say, is true that there are a lot of mobile phone OEM open embedded micro projector specifications, thus attracting many MEMS scanning chip operators to grab a single, or even two Chinese mainland to new entrants are also eager.

    For the card bit early market, Advanced Micro systems are gradually expand wafer capacity, and stepped up the deployment of embedded MEMS scanning mirror (Scanning Mirror) driver IC and light machine design patent for war. Hong Changli mobile device screen resolution is rising, and thin and power consumption requirements are very strict, will be embedded MEMS laser micro projector brings many challenges, including the size of the MEMS scanning chip performance, light machine and lumens per watt performance, are the focus on technological breakthroughs and the keys to victory, and therefore subject to the early commencement of the patent layout.

    Exclusive monolithic two-dimensional MEMS scanning mirror technology in on miniature light machine size, Advanced Micro systems use two MEMS scanning mirror than most market competitors are responsible for X, Y axis pixel capture program, save more design space.

    Hong Changli stressed, single-chip solutions will also help towards highly integrated MEMS micro projector internal chip; The company has plans in complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) / 2014 MEMS wafer-level packaging technology, and MEMS scanning chip become a single-chip driver IC, when the size of the light machine will significantly decrease.

    The high price / image distortion Gordian embedded micro projection popularity of easy

    Although the embedded MEMS laser micro projector technology Diego breakthrough However, the high prices for chips and modules, such as the thorn in the side, short of converting a commercial mobile phone market. Wang Jiayu does not deny that the green laser production capacity, most of the industry is still additional import RGB dimming mechanism to achieve the green, leading to total embedded micro projector cost about 50% of the light machine can not cut prices, thus influencing the entire module The price point of $ 30? 40, will affect the pace of development of the mobile phones embedded micro projector.

    In addition, the reflection and refraction of the laser beam MEMS scanning mirror between the light source is difficult to avoid, and will also have the problem of image distortion, to the introduction of more high-frequency control components, or a variety of optical compensation techniques to improve and elevate micro projection technology investment costs.

    Therefore, Hong Changli 2013 first half of the manufacturers will launch stand-alone or mobile phone plug MEMS micro projector product-based, and further development of the built-in samples of the function phones; pending the second half of MEMS micro-projection technology is more mature and developed regulatory economies of scale, the overall embedded MEMS laser micro projector shipments will gradually improve.


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