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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Jan 22, 2013 9:28 PM Flag

    2013 CES=====TI is the winner at CES -- Is there a risk of DLP becoming the industry standard?

    TI is the winner at CES -- Is there a risk of DLP becoming the industry standard?

    Posted 1/7/2013 11:49:58 PM by entrepreneur

    TI is the winner at CES -- Is there a risk of DLP becoming the industry standard?

    Let's face it: TI is the pico story at CES.

    For TI, 2013 is the year DLP goes big time, and laser availability makes it likely to grow faster, better, bigger. (see links below...and I'm being selective.)

    TI has a huge pico operation, and they can (and are) building their own chips, and financing and marketing even their own product, as well as licensing the tech. They are the defacto brand that consumers get when they buy a pico device.

    In fact, TI is so far ahead, that I've gotta ask: Is there a risk of TI getting DLP to industry-standard level, and kill other technologies (like MVIS') before they get traction? It's happened a lot before, with #$%$ VHS destroying superior Betamax, and clunky Microsoft suffocating superior Mac as an global-standard operating system.

    It this happening to us, now? If there is a risk of an industry standard adoption race, TI has stymied MVIS even before it's management can enjoy their drinks at their three hospitality suites in Las Vegas this week. If there is an OEM efficiency benefit to an industry standard, then MVIS has little chance.

    I want to think about this issue more, but my initial view is that a worse technology can win over a better one if the race is at the consumer adoption level., and/or if there is a significant advantage to an highly-developed app environment.

    In the case of pico projections, OEM's will likely pick the best performing tech, and the pico-tech decision made by the engineers of the OEMs will be invisible. I am, however, concerned that TI is building a relatively (compared to all others,) vast ecosystem, including app and OEM contributors.

    As pico projection becomes ubiquitous, we're also likely to see one version of the tech superior in one category, and another in a different category (as other commentators on this Board have more wisely explained.)

    Also of note is that, so far, DLP has not been adopted by ANY of the big-brand guys that MVIS has (we think) talked with, including MSFT, Apple, Samsung (the hapless Beam doesn't count.) So, the DLP momentum is largely via TI's own products, and 3rd tier companies, such as Optoelectronics.

    If MVIS can't close deals in the next few months, the Board needs to evaluate why not, and quickly make some choices. For now, we are clearly in the phase where tier 1 and tier 2 OEM's are evaluating -- so, where it counts, MVIS is still holding it's own.

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    • geoffreyporter Jan 23, 2013 2:31 AM Flag

      singhlion2001, an industry analyst disagrees with you.

      Translated from Chinese to English using Google Translate.

      "On the other hand, due to the vehicle head-up display (HUD) product less emphasis on module height plus MEMS laser micro projector, both in terms of technology and cost, are better than DLP advantage, so manufacturers first locked target market .

      Chen Yi was analyzed Compared with the last vehicle HUD using DLP projector, MEMS laser micro projector is not only lower manufacturing costs, and have the advantages of high resolution and wide color gamut, and has gradually gained international depot favor; many depots are actively import MEMS laser micro projection, estimate a market size will be high growth in five years, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of up to 24% more.

      Research institute JD Power, according to the latest statistics report shows that, in 2011, global car demand with HUD for five million estimated 2013 growth of 8.6 million group, will serve climbed to thirteen million group in 2015, estimate the 2020 HUD as factory standard with about 1.89 million vehicles, compared with a 390 percent surge in 2010.

      The future With wisdom automotive market opportunities increasingly large, international brands depot also began to accelerate innovative kinds of cars employing machine interface to enhance various application functions; including night vision aids, navigation information, traffic tips and Surround images, etc. both functions through the new distance the HUD to allow motorists driving more convenient."


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