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  • sturocks sturocks Feb 4, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    If the compnay wants the bleeding to stop they have to tell us what is going on?

    Without any info, no one is interested.

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    • WOW....stewie criticizing management? What's next?.......

    • They do not except as required by law. I have no problem with no information when there is no information of use. My issue has been misleading information in the past.

      She will come around the mountain when she comes, or not.

    • I bailed this morning, took a small loss, I'll re-think the situation when they deliver something. I had an over-sized stake in APKT and I decided to take it all to cash and start over.

    • You are right. Why would any new investor buy MVIS with no news at all, not to mention positive news. That is exactly what I just told IR at Microvision. Would you blame anyone for being leery.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • As you can see by the pps action these past few days we are headed to $1.25 and Tokman will sit and watch. No skills at the top. I can't believe there is nothing going on. Terrible leadership here. Sensibull 1 was just as wrong on CES as he has been on every prediction ever made.

    • Stu, that has been the case for 2 years now. The company knows that and they will not say anything because there is nothing of substance happening. It makes the investment community doubt the tech and our ability to survive. It has been total dilution for the last 5 years with promises made by Tokman that went unfulfilled. Everything Tokman statement was an exageration of fact. That is why he is silent now. I am sure the legal guys muzzled him to protect the company from his unfounded enthusiasm. We won't know until some customer announces something and it has been sooo long in comming there isn't many left. As you can see by the posters, most of them have stopped as interest has fallen off badly. There aren't even articles and rumors any more with MVIS in a positive light. Joe Spaz is the only one who struggles to find things that are a huge stretch and can't back any of his info up. Tokman could stop this tomorrow if he had something to do it with and he apparently doesn't. Either that or he is the saddist excuse for a CEO I have ever come accross in my long, long life. Nobody wants to see this company succeed more than me, but reality is that the pumpers have left nothing of substance here. The facts are ugly and will get worse before they get better. No laser updates as promised over a year ago, no contracts other than Pioneer, and no PR comming out of CES. A huge disappointment with another dilution at hand. In fact, I see at least 2 more dilutions before I see cash flow starting that will get investors interested again. You probably don't see things the way I do and neither will the rest of your gang, but the longs here are a dying breed. Good luck.

    • Wat's this?? Distention in the ranks again Stewart? How come you are saying this now? some of us have been saying this for the last three years and the last $40 of share price.

      You're a bit late to the party!!!

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