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  • rchites rchites Feb 24, 2013 7:54 AM Flag

    GAME ON -Shorts-

    ----------------------Asian partners are already selling second generation products based on the first generation projectors (ESPlus).======
    --------------------I’ve also watched ideas and companies pass by. A collaboration with Motorola--Darpa------ A decade of sustained hope for Microvision and MVIS has not been easy.
    -------------------------------Microvision does not have a micro vision. They have a vision that is ground breaking , scalable , disruptive, and pervasive. But to paraphrase a blogger , “Until the story plays to its end, we won’t know if it was a vision, an illusion, or a hallucination.” I keep watching the message boards as to find out Which products succeed or who puts its research together first with the winner. The margins are positive for MVIS for the first time as products are hitting the market……. The whole industry is buzzing with Samsung and Sony…. The auto industry and Pioneer products are probably enough to make Microvision a very profitable company. When looking at the patents , past relationships with top companies, first step technology from the ground up, the companies valuation translate into stock valuations of over 20$$$ … Microvision in 2011 may be like Apple before the release of the Apple II Now if DLG are cheap enough. IEEE has ranked MicroVision's IP portfolio in the top 20 among all global electronics companies and the top U.S. company in the rankings. MicroVision's IP portfolio has also been recognized by the Patent Board, in association with the Wall Street Journal, as a top 50 IP portfolio among all global industrial companies.
    . Electronic displays could become cheap and every where, 3D, holograms, and projection keyboards.
    “we are working steadily with our partners to help develop the next generation of consumer, commercial and automotive applications that deliver an unmatched big-screen experience from a tiny package.”
    In the automotive department displays are playing a larger and larger role in the car today then ever before, and I believe this trend will continue going forward.

    Collaboration, communication and entertainment have all taken on new dimensions in the mobile data era. WIFI and faster cloud Apps go hand in hand with the visual experience made possible by resent technologies. MVIS is there.
    MicroVision's patented MEMS scanner is at the core of our PicoP display technology and is coupled with red, blue and green laser light sources to produce an always in focus high definition image with a broad color gamut unmatched by any other pico projection technology. Of importance to consumer product OEMs is the small form factor and low power consumption that will fit easily into mobile devices. MicroVision's picoHud™ solution, based on PicoP® display technology, can be viewed in bright daylight giving automotive companies a key advantage for vehicle displays.
    MicroVision offers OEMs a way to break through the display bottleneck by embedding our patented PicoP® display technology in their consumer electronics products.
    RACE &GAME ON! -Google and Microsoft are in a race to develop wearable computer glasses. Microvision was also working on the same concept several years ago starting with their NOMAD design. Over the last few years Microvision focused on its pico display engine and there was no mention on further development of the NOMAD display unit. However, Chris Davies from Slash Gear, mentioned in a recent article that Microsoft's glasses could potentially use Microvision pico engine as the primary display engine. Over the past several years, Microvision and Microsoft have already worked together in developing the Wearable Multitouch Projector, could Project Glass be next?

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