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  • gandn4ever gandn4ever Feb 26, 2013 4:17 PM Flag


    What's the phrase? Fool me a million times.............

    I really hope I am wrong, but the track record is pitiful....

    And I truly do not believe AT should be negotiating deals....he needs to just work on the tech and let someone else with even a little talent take over the deals......

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    • "Fool" is the wrong word... unless you've been thinking that the entire development process around their products is somehow magical.

      Many of us are holding the stock because we know the product can and will be done, and WHEN that happens, we'll profit from it.

      I have never thought the process was going to be trouble free or instant. Being early is a lot different than being wrong.

    • This could continue to be frustrating. I am not expecting a surprise announcement tomorrow because it seems they've become so embroiled in secrecy, that an announcement for a potentially exciting new contract might overshadow or expose them in a way one of their conceivably larger partners would object to. So what we are likely to hear are allusions to new "exciting prospects"--similar to the last dozen cc's--with few specifics. The Pioneer/MVIS partnership may have been the last old school announcement of it's kind. Public companies have discovered they no longer need to convey such relevant information to their stakeholders--I'm noticing.

    • No expectations here either. There would have been some kind of collateral noise and irregular quantitive trading spikes if anything was bubbling in the pot. Same old same old.

      I do think that since the DGL issue is now behind us I find this ongoing torpor harder to fathom. One grows weary of this wet kindling never catching fire.

      If the story of MVIS had to be boiled down to a single sentence I think it'd be that tablets and smart-phones have stolen a lot of our thunder.

      Live long enough to prosper... that's been the working motto with MVIS. It's gettin' harder to do with each passing decade.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • It maybe to early in the DGL build cycle for any of the NDA's to report (as AT mentioned in last CC [timeline wise] tansitioning from "Hundreds of Thousands" to 10's of millions"...

      ...however, that not to say that the information he also included about "Asia and the Start of their fiscal year" that I personally interpreted somehow, as being a litle hint into what maybe in store for the second half of 2013...

      ...they have the final pieces in tech puzzle and a BIG boost up from a couple "made to order" players in Pioneer and Intersil...time marches on for us and Microvision!

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      • In the past year or two I have read reports where companies were jumping into the green laser market. Seems as though they were expecting to be in production by this time. With the money some of them invested it is difficult for me to imagine they are not pumping them out in significant numbers. They must be going somewhere. MVIS has non disclosure agreements with the OEMS, I suspect the same applies with the DGL suppliers. Someone somewhere is amassing them I would think. One of these days something will open up and that time is not soon enough. With all of the major corporations that have tried PicoP and some of them even displaying it in their mock ups along with all of the efforts of the pukes who plague the board with their tripe I cannot help but think something positive is in the works for MVIS. The question is when.

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