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  • one_thousand_points_of_white Apr 1, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    With 67 employees and only 67 shareholders, it says some things.


    Wither EVERY SINLGE LONG WORKS FOR MVIS or some of the MVIS employees don't own any shares in their own company that is alleged to be on the brink of greatness by the pumper crew here. I wonder which it is?




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    • "But in the case of most public companies, shares for most investors are not usually held of record but beneficially. In such instances, the shares are held of record by a third party, usually a broker, on behalf of the shareholder. For example, if you buy shares through Charles Schwab, that discount brokerage firm will serve as the record owner and you will be the beneficial owner. The shares are held this way for administration ease. Otherwise, every share trade would have to be recorded on the company’s books. Instead, there is only one entry on the books of the company for all shares held by Charles Schwab for its clients.

      In fact, most brokers actually use another entity known as Cede & Company, the nominee name of the Depository Trust Company, a large clearing house, for their record ownership of stock, and so there is only one entry for many brokers all of whom have thousands of beneficial owners they hold shares for.

      The consequence is that companies with thousands of shareholders will often have fewer record holders."



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