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  • one_thousand_points_of_white Apr 4, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

    QUESTION for the White haters


    Tell the truth, did this go the way you thought it would today?

    Were you at all surprised by any of this and when I say "any", I am including the PR that told you absolutely NOTHING NEW

    So let me see if I have this correct, AT has about 50 major companies to choose from to focus MVIS efforts toward on the next big thing and his choice is the company that wishes to remain anonymous?

    Nice choice.


    You're also welcome


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    • You're being unfair and baised here. AT needs something just to keep what few longs are left in camp. It is much better than a noname that noobody ever heard of and try to make something out of that. In reality his hitting the Global 100 mark, even if it is another lie, is better than the alternative he has been dishing out. I hate his handling of this company, but I do believe that the tech will survive. If he has to keep lying just to try to put a floor under this stock, so be it. Knowiing what I know in retrospect, I would never have jumped in so large and boosted positions on his updates, all of which were BS. If he wasn't lying through his teeth then he didn't know enough about the tech to be the CEO and guide this company from the getgo.

      If we do have a relationship with one of the top 100, we are going to survive and will be rewarded well. Of the names I have looked at on the list there are only 9 possibilities and I can put half of them away. I feel we have a cell phone deal and Apple and Verizon stand out for me. That is where I see the biggest competition and I feel it is one of those two. I can not eliminate all of the others and would be happy with any one of them, so hopefully he finally gets one right. Another win like this in a month or two would be all the validation anyone would ever need. Perhaps Karl is right and we have another dumb fortune 100 company in camp. You never know.

    • Hi White!
      I thought Gen 2 was all that and a bag o' chips...must be a good reason to jump to Gen 3, or we'd be seeing them in every little device now that cheap DGLs are falling like raindrops!
      And then they lived happily ever after ;)

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