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  • mvisentrepeneur mvisentrepeneur Apr 29, 2013 11:17 PM Flag

    The Disclosure Pattern has changed

    According to the balance sheet, the company is basically without cash, if we subtract short term liabilities.

    Yet, I bought shares today, as I did last week and the week before. Microvision's pattern of disclosure has obviously radically altered.

    For example, clearly the company has raised money. They just haven't told us yet how. Perhaps because it's conditional on a set of other deals, disclosed in private behind NDA walls, being reported publicly. Our company now has CFO's running around behind every corner -- or, at least at both the executive floor and the BODs -- and they know how to read a balance sheet.

    Also evident is that there are newly severe third party constraints put upon MVIS impairing when and what they can disclosure. For example, last Winter, we were told that Pioneer and MVIS were planning to launch CyberNavi in May or June. I'm one of the people who didn't listen, and I should have.

    Now, however, for MVIS to disclose a contract means that one or more much larger, publicly traded companies are also making direct or indirect disclosures. For example, we on this Board don't know who the Mystery Company X contract from early April is with, but I would think that Mystery Company X's competitors do. So, even the limited disclosure that MVIS made was likely with the discomfort and reluctance of our client.

    The same will be true if a sale is made to Pioneer or a "Tier 1 Auto Company," or to practically anyone else. Every deal disclosed, no matter how opaque, is likely to carry with it the implied disclosure to competitors significant product launch and expansion strategies of global companies.

    Which takes me back to my continued purchases today and recently. The company is disclosing to us in the way it can. It's elite CFOs run and expand a company with no real cash on it's balance sheet, and it's VPs of tech and sales give interviews defacto stating that HUD and tier 1 electronics sales are in the bag.

    They're talking to us. With hand signals.

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    • "The Disclosure Pattern has changed"
      It certainly has, LOL.

    • "Perhaps because it's conditional on a set of other deals, disclosed in private behind NDA walls, being reported publicly."

      Most contracts can be signed and may not fall into the "material event" catagory until cash or exchange of goods or services has been rendered but...if they receive any asset class for licensing or other, it must be disclosed immediately as a material event from a designated public entity...(cant remember if its 10 days or 30 days? {anyone?}).

      THey have the option to disclose pending contracts. But, the potentially 50+! NDA's they have gotten themselves into have obviously limited how much [so called] pump/confidence they can restore into the investment community to buy up shares...(unless you are already sold on the story here, of course)

      Again...thats not to say they do not have actual contract works completed and waiting for the client to disclose in whatever fashion they so choose.

      I guess investors in Microvision must suspend the stress of the suspense for s little while longer...but that is a good point of yours...usually (after that last $4.5 mill contract PR) you would think they would have tried to tap a secondary to re-inject cash...cause we are approaching end-of second quarter very quickly...and that is exactly when they disclosed they would run out of cash for operations:

      "Based on our current operating plan, we anticipate that we have sufficient cash and cash equivalents to fund our operations through the second quarter of 2013."

      Here's to better days ahead

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      • I would not be shorting or selling before the CC. I am buying on the weakness lately. I set my limit buys low and I am accumulating. I have been in stocks that kept a big company like GOOG quiet for over a year. What you could hear with the company is they sent the products out as trials........... April 2013- The company said it agreed to allow a Fortune Global 100 electronics giant to incorporate MicroVision's PicoP display technology into a display engine that could lead to the creation and launch of a variety of new commercial products.
        --- The Global 100 electronics giant is to give the company up to $4.6 million in development fees over the next 13 months. The companies have begun commercial negotiations with the expectation that licensing and component supply agreements would constitute the next stage of engagement leading to the OEM's introduction of commercial products. The company is ramping products and the management team.

        From March 1 2013- - "We are in discussions with multiple OEMs in our target markets and with ODMs and suppliers who can enable OEMs to integrate PicoP display technology into their products."
        ----- the goal for 2012 is to secure original equipment manufacturers and get (OEM) commitments to design products using PicoP display technology. The company shipped samples for evaluation to more than 50 customers, "We are in discussions with multiple OEMs in our target markets and with ODMs and suppliers who can enable OEMs to integrate PicoP display technology into their products."
        ----- According to Cisco's recently published Visual Networking Index, mobile video will generate over 66 percent of mobile data traffic by 2017 and have the highest compound annual growth rate of any mobile application category in Cisco's forecast. TOP OEM know this as GOOG glasses has brought attention to the industry.
        ---In the past 52 weeks, Microvision share prices have been as high as $13.76, Potential upside of 341.8% exists for Microvision
        ___ CEO of Intersil. “We believe the combination of our chipset and MicroVision’s advanced PicoP display capabilities with game changing features will have great appeal in a broad range of emerging pico projector devices.”

        ----"Our leadership team's expertise and innovative ways to drive improvements in execution and profitability will be invaluable in helping to support our plans for growth." These two seasoned executives bring valuable expertise to our team that aligns well with our ingredient brand licensing business model and culture," Holt and Franzi join Dale Zimmerman, Vice President of Research and Development, and Thomas Walker, Executive Vice President, Corporate
        ___-MicroVision's PicoP display technology is ideally suited to enhance the way consumers view and interact with the content the mobile ecosystem is producing beyond the constraints of the small screen.
        ----Emerging trends are redefining the prominence of visual content in consumers' use of mobile devices, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), revenues for the consumer electronics (CE) industry are projected to reach a new record-high of $209.6 billion in 2013.

        2012 Financial Results — Unveiling MicroVision’s HD PicoP® Gen2 display technology using direct green lasers at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With its small form factor, low power and superior image quality, PicoP Gen2 display technology even received the ‘CES Product of the Future’ award by Popular Science.
        — Transitioning to our core “Image by PicoP®” ingredient brand business model. Under this model, we reported royalty revenue in Q3 as well as positive margin on components sales that quarter.
        — Shipping PicoP® Gen2 display engine design samples for customer evaluation to more than two dozen companies in the automotive and consumer electronics sector by the end of Q3.
        — Launching the first commercial product to incorporate PicoP Gen2 display technology, Pioneer’s Carrozzeria Cyber Navi heads-up display system, debuting in Japan in July.

        — Increasing revenue in Q3 by more than 40 percent year over year and significantly decreasing cash used in operations, as announced in the Q3 earnings release.
        An additional highlight in 2012 was significant advancements in the commercial availability of direct green lasers (DGL) with Osram announcing its first commercial DGLs, Sony announcing its intent to enter the DGL market, and an additional supplier providing direct green lasers to Pioneer for the Cyber Navi.
        2013 gets off to a quick start with CES this week. In keeping with our ingredient brand business model for licensing our technology to OEMs, MicroVision will take advantage of the converging of the major consumer electronics, cellphone and automotive OEMs in Las Vegas. Our focus is on furthering strategic business partnerships and reaching potential customers in private meetings in lieu of a public exhibition. We have some great meetings lined up and are eager to start this year off building upon the momentum and progress of 2012.

        MicroVision reported the following financial results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2012, compared to the same periods one year ago.
        Grew annual revenue to $8.4 million in 2012, compared to $5.6 million in 2011. Revenue for the fourth quarter of 2012 was $2.7 million, compared to $1.5 million for the same quarter in 2011.
        The decrease in operating loss for 2012 was driven by higher margins on shipments to Pioneer and lower operating cost associated with transitioning to an ingredient brand licensing strategy.
        ** we shipped design samples to over 50 OEMs in our targeted markets
        Our revenue for 2012 was $8.4 million up49% , For the fourth quarter, revenue grew by 81% to $2.7 million
        Our operating loss decreased by 59% for the fourth quarter to $4.1 million

      • R U certain that every contract has to be disclosed?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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