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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 May 5, 2013 9:50 PM Flag

    Green Laser chat busting up this board

    I've been going through some post as of lately and it's amazing how some people that question MicroVision has been non stop posting lately. It's interesting because since April 30 the stock , through all these negative post has rose $.70 to $2.20. So what are some of these post that concerns few? Green Laser Diodes are to expensive presently and complications has certain supplier at 60G per month. I hear why investors never get a chance to ask questions at CC's.

    My answer to the above:

    Do you really think in a million years that the Global 100 Giant that just gave MicroVision $4.6 Million to help design their engine worries about the price of DGL's May 5 2013? Do you really think that the 40 out of 50 companies that contacted MicroVision because they would like to take the talks to the next level of negotiations worry about the price and yield of DGL's May 5 2012? Do you think because the amount of companies that responded is so great from the list of companies interested in PicoP technology that MicroVision had to narrow the first patch to 5 at the top in each sector 1st..are concerned about the price of DGL's May 5 2013? Please...give me a break. $4.6 million from a Global 100 tells me NOT, 40 out of 50 interested tell me NOT.

    As for shareholders asking questions at any CC's, GLW CC for over 20+ years and I never heard a investor ask a question. ASM yes but CC no.

    Alex stated OEMs now know the roadmap of the DGLs which is high yield, low cost. What in the world would they give to Shiis about pricing May 5 2013.

    IMO think about it, while the stock enjoys a wonderful climb there are certain people that bring every thing they can to create doublt, every thing from DGLs way to expensive May 5 2013, other companies bring new technology, running out of money, contracts only R&D, etc. But if you really follow the company the last year IMO things have change... What companies are now involved with MicroVision???????

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    • What you and all the rest of these people who agree with you seem to conveniently forget is Microvision's track record with these "announcements" of progress. "We have launched our first product to the first of three OEM's" (2009). "We will have green Lasers in March" January 2010). "Green Lasers will not be an issue in 2010" (March 2010). and lots more besides. Then there are the sales announcements. Esplus, Seeser, WoweeOne, to name but a few. And in EVERY case the announcements turned out to be lies. Nothing was ever launched. Nothing was ever sold. They have been sending 'Sample units" out to OEM's for over a year and not a single one has resulted in an announceable sale or a product. They have been "managing" cash requirements for nearly two years and all they have succeeded in doing is not spending the money they were spending on the obsolete ShowWX. Their "Management" of cash could have been achieved by a room full of Monkeys. and in the last two years they have devastated shareholders with a reverse stock split that has made management millions of shares that were taken away from shareholders who had bought them.

      So you will need to forgive everyone if they don't buy the latest vague announcements of sales to unnamed OEM's. This is the entire problem with Microvision and Tokman in particular. He is a proven, pathological liar. Any other company announcing sales to an OEM would see a bump in share price but Microvision needs to battle through the Tokman effect before it rises significantly.

      And please don't try and say the price rise from $1.60 to $2.20 is a significant price rise. It's a start, I'll give you that but it has a LONG, LONG way to go before it is anything other than a token rise and with the threat of a serious share dilution still hanging over the shares it's not going anywhere till that issue is laid to rest.

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      • You Sir, are absolutely right. The man is nothing but a thief. But, I also agree with Joe. Times are changing. I think Tokman did what he had to do after years of nursing this new tech and facing certain disaster. He lied and stretched any semblance of truth to keep this company afloat. He ripped off the common shareholders and rewarded the BOD for playing his game. He had a dream that turned into a nightmare that Corning had a big hand in. I and a few friends are here because of Cornings endoursement of the tech and that is the motivation for even getting interested in the tech.

        Now that we have toughed it out so to speak, we are still here and hanging in trading modestly at this point, waiting for the breakthrough that the jerk has been promoting for the past 10 years. I believe the tech will survive and Tokman will have his ego staisfied, and hopefully, the sharholders will be rewarded. Nothing will change my opinion of this guy no matter how successful the company becomes. Maybe that is what American business has become. I listened to my core holding tell me that their new tech was only months away from first flight and it took years. Right now the dam thing is flying and getting back into service and the stock is up 22% year to date, but for 5 years it sucked. Traded that just the way I'm trading this and hoping MVIS mimics BA for all of us. Seems like the same thing all over again for me and I am getting too old for this CEO #$%$ of not knowing the tech or the problems bringing this kind of change to the world. I guess big ideas take their time comming to market. I got the first one right and I hope I go two for two.

    • Thanks for the CC questions info, Joe. Have you been to the ASM and did they accept questions there?

    • Remember, these same posters of negative corcern years ago told us we can't get past 15 lumen, impossible right, not in a million years, MicroVision is to shut its doors, etc. We are now at 35 lumen prototype and Alex stated we are going between 50-100 lumen. What happened so fast with that one?

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      • Yep. If you believe in the company, the tech, the IP, then you should be looking at the time ahead with the 100 lumen iteration, and be more concerned about proximity detection, and battery life issues. The dgls are here. The haters have failed to kill it, it's going to get better from now on, if's just a matter of time. The share price jumps, and we get rich, when the 100 lumen kicks in..... that's when it become ubiquitous. When you can use it for a tv, in your well lit kitchen, and never think about it. But that takes safety, and low drain....that's the thing to be worrying about, not dgl prices. There is a lot of engineering ahead, but they've apparently worked out the dgl problem. Someone will break the ice, and they'll all want in. Then it is a rush push the envelope. You need to be thinking two years out...if you think this is a good gamble...and the CC says it is.

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    • Right on the money, Joe, pun intended.

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