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  • sensibull2 sensibull2 Jun 24, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    $20 million

    Wiped off the market cap in a week.

    Amazing!! And Tokman still refuses to say anything to support the stock. I guess some things never change. The danger is that it falls back below $2 and starts the noncompliance clock again.

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    • As I said several times, most recently in my June 20 posting, If it broke below $2.65 I would sell my long position. I have done exactly that. I had the sell order in at the market open today and got out at an average of $2.62 I will use the same amount of money to but back in at a lower price but for additional shares. That's how you play the game. I don't mind losing a little money on a trade. What I won't do is tie my money up for years while they get their act together.

      It is now the middle of 2013 and to all intents and purposes they have no customers, no revenues and no prospects. this despite the hints about Pioneer, which has turned out to be a bust and the mystery "Fortune 100 Company". If you think a buy and hold strategy is right for you then go with that. It's not right for me and I'll continue to trade this stock.

      And what would I like Tokman to say that he hasn't already said? How about him announcing some actual business progress. I think that's the least shareholders deserve after 20 years of zero progress.

    • do you believe in the stock? if you do,chill. if you dont your a fool for holding and crying.

    • What would you like him to say that he hasn't already said? You either believe in the technology or you don't.
      Stop whining and sell your alleged long position if you don't have confidence in the technology, the company and its management and go back to trading. No stock goes straight up. Someone is buying from sellers at these distressed levels, so ask yourself who could be on the opposite end of the trade. Who was buying recently to maintain the price at or above $2 for 10 successive days to get us out of the de-listing quandary? Who would be trying to kill this ascendant technology? Who benefits?

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      • Come on guys, Tokman is a bust as far a CEO is concerned. Opportunity arfter opportunity to support this company and the long shareholders and he doesn't have a clue. Chief Tech Officer, yep. We need someone who can selll the tech. Tokman says it's all there and can do the job inclucing DGL's. He certainly should be able to bring one new customer on board. I've been through the one of three OEM's and No gating issues etc and still we see nothing but Pioneer, which is great and saving our bacon, but, he has to deliver more at this stage of the game. Watching this company market cap being destroyed and doing nothing is criminal. Sitting there and letting posters infer that Pioneer has dropped our tech and saying nothing in our defence is criminal. I could go on, buy why. Tokman is Tokman.

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