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  • directgreenlaser directgreenlaser Jun 25, 2013 10:44 PM Flag

    "Hurry up and put a projector in my phone,"

    Search the title for the article. Interesting.

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    • glasscase Jun 26, 2013 8:45 AM Flag

      Nice find. As we all know MVIS has established ties with Intel from way back. I'm not sure when...but one day this pps is going to go crazy.

    • "The projector demonstrated by Intel Tuesday is obviously still a prototype. It lagged at times, and at one point I was sent away for a few moments so Intel employees could reboot the system after it froze...."

      Why was he sent away for the reboot? Perhaps Intel folks did not want to reveal the PicoP startup screen.

      Just a guess.

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      • Good insight. It's about the only reason that makes any sense. What else would there be to see from a boot up? Nothing.

      • Even the AR HUD by Pioneer shows an "image by PicoP" wording on startup/boot..
        I refer to the one video that was posted here of the Pico HUD in the wild video.
        Cannot locate the video now but someone else might have it bookmarked. I recall it was filmed at night.

        I have to say, if the PicoP brand promotion is written into the contract of every potential (future) sale, then I commend Microvision in advance for it's strategic advertising placement.

        You might be onto something in regards to Intel sending him away while rebooting the projector.
        We would only need to see a photo of the lenses aperture to narrow down the possible projector type being used.
        There is often lots of speculation on this board about what tech is in what, such as the discussions on the Google Glass engine.
        I never believed PicoP was in Google Glass (simply because PicoP is more capable, than what Google was teasing us with pre-release) , however my money is on it being PicoP Gen2 in the Intel projector that was displayed. Microvision has a working relationship with Intel and this could simply be an extension of the project Tuatara.

        We have been waiting for a prototype to surface, hopefully this one of them and the first of many.


    • A BIG thumbs up. !!!

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