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  • sensibull2 sensibull2 Aug 10, 2013 10:30 AM Flag

    After another disaster of a conference call...................

    And after yet another, in a very, very long line of disappointing quarterly earnings it seems like the real issue is coming into focus.

    The question is not about when Microvision's technology will be adopted in to products by OEM's. The real question is has the potential market that the technology once had now disappeared? It has taken so long to get where the company is today and there is still no sign of either components or customers that the potential market has simply looked elsewhere for a solution.

    It seems that the technology, and as a consequence, Microvision have become either obsolete or irrelevant.

    This can be put down to the fact that the technology simply can't be replicated in a way and at a cost that would allow a mass market product to use it and to the indisputable fact that Tokman has squandered the time, money and goodwill that might have allowed Microvision to develop a business.

    History is littered with good ideas that never came to fruition for many reasons. It seems that Microvision and the idea of laser based mas market projectors has gone the same way. This product will NEVER see the light of day in a mass market product. You can delude yourselves all you want but that is the reality.

    It took NASA less time to put a man on the Moon than it has Taken Tokman and his marry band of thieves to produce a marketable laser based projector. It will NEVER happen.

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