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  • gandn4ever gandn4ever Aug 21, 2013 11:13 AM Flag

    Supply chain

    If there are no glaring issues with the supply chain, we could be looking at multiple deals in the coming lasers have been in the marketplace in the case of Nichia for well over a year and Osram not that far behind....

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    • With two major companies producting Green Lasers there doesn't seem to be any products that I can buy. When that happens the pps will move. I think at this point we are closer to BK than success. I hate to say that since I have lost a ton of money in this by listening to Tokman "First and Goal", "No gating issues", "Shipping to the first of three" etc and never has he made an honest statement. Water over the dam as far as I am concerned and I have no choice but to wait it out. I actually believe he doesn't have a clue about the tech and the difficulties in bringing to market and has no sales ability at all. Just listening to him is painful, I can't imagine him working on complex contracts. The 4.6M we have in hand is nothing but another R&D contract which is a drop in the bucket for a fortune 100 company. Not as excited as most of you are. If indeed it is apple, you all know where this company is headed and nobody wants that more than I, but Tokmans record speaks for itself.

      HUD is the easy market for us and until I see and can buy one in a production model we have a long way to go.
      More dilution, more financing etc is not a pretty picture going forward. This looks like a great price to enter, but I can assure you that it will be cheaper tomorrow. Hope the Picop brand shows up some where soon to give some value to the patents because without validation they aren't worth much.

    • The problem is that there ARE glaring issues with the supply chain and even if you overcome those no one is anywhere near designing Microvision's tech in to a product. The absolute best you can hope for in the next year is that they sell a few more evaluation kits.

      A stock on the verge of even mediocre progress does not trade at $1.97. It is trading down here for a very good reason.

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