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  • denclyde denclyde Aug 23, 2013 9:48 AM Flag

    as MSFT is transforming into a devices & servicing co...Balmer steps down

    he wants someone with a longer term transitioning time frame

    so devices means....projection, kinect, augmented reality...& that's us....MVIS !!

    long term...years !!....& it's just starting !!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • It's just starting and we are broke. Will we be here in this form when it all pulls out of the station? Tokman has done nothing to put this company on solid financial ground and his only method of surviving is to stick it to the shareholders, over and over. We need a good revenue producer just to offset this guys shortcommings. He is the ultimate believer for sure, but he is blinded by enthusiasm and doesn't see the hurdles facing this company. Never has, never will. I'm more afraid of our private investors at this point due to the fact that the company says everything is there and we can't seem to land one solid customer other than Pioneer. I can see him selling to the Canadians for chump change and sitting pretty for the rest of his life and the common shareholders getting stiffed by him as usual. Hope I'm wrong because somebody is going to make a lot of money off of this tech.

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      • one_thousand_points_for_white one_thousand_points_for_white Aug 23, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

        "somebody is going to make a lot of money off of this tech."

        Do you really believe this? I don't

        Personally, I feel that a Spiral Scan with a Variable Speed would be a much better scanning method for a single mirror system but I don't think they have enough resources to pursue development of that at this point. I think they missed the boat and are now stuck with a power hungry scanning system that has very limited brightness capabilities and very poor demand. I think they are TOAST and it will simply be a slow spiral death for them going forward, just as I stated about two years ago here on this board. Too bad you longs are so devoted to this failure.



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