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  • gandn4ever gandn4ever Sep 13, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    Supply chain ...completed modules ready to be embedded in a new device

    All we know is that there are companies "under the radar" working on this scenereo.....

    Why not deals being signed ?

    Why no tablets being made
    Why no cameras
    Why no video games
    Why no HUD

    It has been well beyond 1.5 years to setup these module production lines

    Any interested company's should be able to,sign production deals certainly within 1year of there own testing

    This perpetual wait makes absolutely No sense...

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    • It makes perfect sense if the part you've been waiting for all these years is still not meeting targets. Those PESKY GREEN LASERS are STILL PESKY as an article seems to imply. Pioneer saved a couple hundred dollars switching from MVIS and LBS to DLP and LEDs.

    • It does if you're an OEM and realize that it is too expensive to make money on. Or that it is power hungry and is short when it comes to brightness. NOw I know that Tokman told us that Gen2 was ready for testing and embedding, but here we are with Pioneer, our only customer pushing a real product, moving on just as Corning did when they realized how far out this tech was going to be. I was really hoping that one of the OEM's that showed top line auto HUD, would come to market with a top Model containing our Picop tech. Now that that doesn't seem very likely, investor interest is down to just a few posters here that I think work for MVIS. The lack of interest in voting shares is a clear signal in my eyes that we face several more dilutions and perhaps another RS before a product becomes cheap enough for mass production. Tokman and the BOD certainly have been on a great 10 year ride on investors backs and have produced nothing. This isn't a cancer drug or a Dreamliner we are talking here. It is the size of a coin and we have been working on it for many years. You would think we would have something to sell after half a Billion Dollars, and they want more.

      First and Goal five years ago. Many contract announcements.....You're right, something is wrong. Gamming was the low hanging fruit...nothing. HUD was next with much easier requirements for MVIS....nothing again. About a year and a half ago he said we are closer than ever. He is delusional, has an ego problem, and worse than that, I don't think he sees the whole picture. I am waiting for one product, just one by a name to validate the patents. Right now the street values the portfolio at zero and it will stay there no matter how much investor cash was poured into them. As far as I am concerned, this guy is out of time. Credibility is gone and we have no respect. JMHO

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