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  • soren.hane soren.hane Oct 16, 2013 8:26 AM Flag

    160 days

    MVIS was trading for $1.65 June 15 MVIS traded for $3.40......UP OVER 100%........I see you ((((FORGOT)))) to mention this fact. You and sensi2 are dumb and dumber. sensi2 just vlaued MVIS patents at $500 Million. Nice DD sensi2. Now you really stuck your end up your rear. I guess you been loading up on all the shares you can while bashing 24/7. Or else you are really really not very bright.

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    • Seems mr stillinshock omitted that info and it appears 'they' want to bury it. I think MVIS will go up 300 to 500% on some really good news. Maybe the name of the Fortune 100 company with a nice juicy contrack attached to it. I think something like that would knock the bejesus out of these bashers.

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      • Why basher, just stating facts. first bought at $5 and change and still here. Averaged down to my present position based on CC's and statements made by management which never panned out. Would welcome a contract that produces revenue and without one the Fortune 100 company is just another R&D deal. Patents are worth nothing until such a revenue producing contract arrives. And a lot of my investment was pre split. Seems all of you pumpers forget to mention that as well. This company has been a party for the managemet and a drain on retail investors. The financiers of this mess have made a bundle and love Tokman more than Sensi1 and the rest. Why these facts are immaterial to you folks puzzles me. Success would be celebrated by me as I have a large position, but reality tells me that Tokman is not the guy to bring this company to the end if the tech is what I think it is. Sorry, if you think that is bashing.

      • one_thousand_points_for_white one_thousand_points_for_white Oct 16, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

        300 to 500 percent increase of this dog would not even come close to allowing you diehard longs to simply break even, you would need much much more than that to get your money back. Just think of all that lost time and opportunity that the diehard longs had to endure up to this point in time. Had they simply listened to reason, they would not be in this mess today.



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