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  • westerngarder westerngarder Nov 12, 2013 9:13 AM Flag


    What i heard: microvision is involved in the next big thing.
    it is worth the wait.

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    • This is why I continue to buy shares.

      From cc:

      "revolutionize the display industry"

      "at the heart of products that offer experience to consumers that they would not have expected is possible and is not expected from anybody else"

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      • No mention of one or two design wins before the end of the year. The only maybe news I heard might be coming is... "negotiations on supply and license agreements for the components they would procure from us for their engine." Since they aren't a parts house any more, what are they talking about with "components"? The secret sauce?
        They aren't talking about product royalties yet. Just "components" for the engine they are building. Don't expect we'd hear anything on these agreements until just before April, if then. And if the f100 decides to actually produce products, further agreements would be necessary, pushing things along to when? Or is licensing the secret sauce, to activate an engine, the same as royalties for use of a picop in a dancin', projectin' teddy bear? He is expecting revenue from products next year...but is that like expecting one or two design wins this year?
        I'm thinking more and more the bottle neck is still the lasers. Getting them bright enough. I think we are on hold until the 50's, or even the 100's come along. So if the F100 finishes the engine they seem to like a lot so far...and if they decide to product products with it, we may still be at the mercy of Soraa, or whoever, to produce the 50's, and at a low enough drain.
        My main takeaway from this CC, is they couldn't wait to clear the room. Must have had a big shoe polish presentation anxious to set up in there.
        Oh, well, I'll start selling blood again, when my energy comes back a bit, and get me some more cheap shares since they don't look to be advancing in the near future.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • And they expect it from Tokman? This guy has been up to bat more times than anybody else in history and he is batting a fat ZERO. All that screams at me is "I didn't think it would take this long", duhh.

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