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  • votewithno votewithno Jan 11, 2014 6:40 PM Flag

    Timeline: Important dates for MVIS and shareholders! News will come, may be soon (according to AT in last CC)

    CES closed yesterday. But the future of MVIS depends on more events. These are:

    1) eventually soon: Conference Call to discuss actual situation because AT said at the end of last CC according to the transcript: "... And we'll speak shortly -- we'll speak early next year. Thank you..."
    2) February 12, 2014: Special Shareholder Meeting
    3) February 24-27, 2014, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
    4) February 27, 2014: Conference Call (as dated in 2012 and in 2011).
    5) March 01, 2014: Microvision will run out of money if the did not get a contractor a new dilution before.
    6) April, 2014: End of evaluation project by the Fortune 100 company.
    7) June 2014: Nadaq compliance need to be fulfilled.

    So AT should say something soon if he did not lied: last CC ""... And we'll speak shortly -- we'll speak early next year. Thank you..."

    In addition if MVIS has any positive news they will try to release that news during the next four weeks - before the special shareholder meeting.

    If the Fortune 100 company project is on track (as AT said) a contract will be signed between NOW and March. It is likely that if will be signed soon because the next step for the Fortune 100 company will be the pre-poduction phase and the production and they need time to build up the supply channel. Do nor forget, it is important to be the first in the market, especially in this business.

    Summary: If there are any contracts positive news, MVIS will release them soon because of the upcoming shareholder meeting and the need for money (or not, if they will have a god contract).

    This s a very high risk stock. Not only for shareholders, especially for short sellers.Imagine a Sony news come - the stock could go up to$ 10. The loss for short sells could be nearly unlimited. The maximum loss for shareholders is the invested capital.

    It is very high risk to be short in this stock I assume that most short sellers will cover soon because the know, there will be news during the next weeks - positive or negative.

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    • Vote, Vote, Vote, do you hear yourself? Alex Tokman said____? This is the same guy that told us we would have one or two design wins in 2013 remember. This guy has not hit the mark once in 10 years and I am aware of everything he has said or indicated over that time span. The guy can't put a deal together with stumble bum companies let alone a fortune 100. Tokman has nothing to say after the biggest show of the year because he has struck out again. Dilution to start the year, RS perhaps before May, and more dilution before the end of the year. the last CC was awful if you care to listen to it again and there isn't any analyst coverage any more. Nobody takes Alec Tokman serious now, he has talked out of both sides of his mouth, stolen shares from us and is getting ready to do it again. But I hope you get one thing right in your summary, just one thing right will put you well ahead of Tokman.

    • When will AT speak to us?

    • geoffreyporter Jan 12, 2014 2:09 AM Flag

      If I may add to your timeline:

      6(b) Beginning of the Japanese Fiscal Year (MicroVision's definitive agreement with Pioneer was announced at the beginning of the Japanese Fiscal Year)

    • Sony is well aware of MIcrovision's financial situation, and can pretty much guess, along with everyone else, that there aren't other OEMs seriously interested in PicoP at the moment. As a result, any offer will only be enough to keep Microvision a going concern, take it or leave it. There will be no profit built in for Microvision in the price structure of the initial embedded projector device; this is a cutthroat business. My guess is the best Tokman will be able to do is to negotiate for a good payday on successor products in the event the first one is a hit. Of course Sony will resist any such future concession, and the two will play a game of chicken over that sticking point. We know Tokman's not much of a salesman; let's hope he has big b*lls.

    • News may come up every day. Remember: Before the CES 2014 nobody thought that the Sony CEO will introduce small laser projectors in his CES keynote!

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