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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Oct 22, 2013 10:52 AM Flag


    ...I just happened to read the latest PR of earnings and noticed they didn't even mention the nanoknife!...

    ...amazing!...a potentially game changing technology that is already FDA cleared for surgical ablation of soft tissue and this idiot management gets breathless over PICC lines and ports?!!!!!...

    ...and the stock rallies despite the fact that if you subtract out goodwill and non-tangibles, shareholder equity stands around NEGATIVE three bucks a share?...go figure!...

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    • Please disregard this message from heindrickbaelis. It is obvious spam for flash market. plus, only an idiot would give themselves 13 thumbs up on a lightly visited message board.

    • Here's a telling factoid about how ANGO feels about Nanoknife: US Patent Application Publication No. 2010/0152725. ANGO abandoned this application even though the USPTO was willing to allow it to go on to issue as a US Patent. They had an allowable application with decent claims but they didn't feel like paying the $2k issue fee.

    • Didn't know you could read. HAWWHAWW

    • LOL the nanoknife is a joke HEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW

    • NTZ,

      You are right to voice your observations.

      Nonoknife is a tremendous technology, but it has a different business model from PICC and the other medical plastics. The innovative plastics of ANGO are high volume-repeat business, along the lines Beckton Dickinson or J&J. Nanoknife is more of a capital equipment + spares + consumables, along the line of a DME manufacturer.

      The high volume plastics is where the money is at, so long as you can sell a premium product at a premium price. Especially if your product is mandated by medical/insurance standards. And that is what ANGO has going for it.

      They should begin to dual-track their publicity efforts to emphasize both of these approaches and differentiate the business models.

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      • ...I agree that PICC lines and associated vascular access and manipulation material are likely more lucrative -- at least short term...however, for tissue ablation in general the nanoknife is a technology that could replace the entire range of methods...

        ...indeed, it seems a conflict of interest for ANGO to be selling the nanoknife while selling their Acculis microwave system and their Starbuurst RFA system at the same time...

        ...look at their website and there are at least 30 pages devoted to promoting the Acculis and Starburst systems while there is only ONE page for the nanoknife...

        ...and here is ALL that is on that ONE page:

        "The NanoKnife System has received FDA clearance for the surgical ablation of soft tissue. It has not received clearance for the therapy or treatment of any specific disease or condition."

        ...TWO sentences -- that is ALL!...not a single word of exlpanation, not a single reference to any papers -- NADA!...

        ...unbelievable!...all I can conclude is that they don't want to sell the device since it will cannibalize -- and likely eventually eliminate -- the Starburst and Acculis systems which likely have better profit margins... as usual in the good ol'USA -- sacrificing healthcare at the alter of the almighty buck...

      • LOL --- this stock stinks

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