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  • tp19490614 tp19490614 Dec 26, 2012 4:26 PM Flag

    Is $25 a good entry point?

    should i wait a little longer?

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • I entered @ 25.20 last Friday. You might want to wait and see what happens with the Fiscal Cliff. It seems like most investors now feel like it will not be solved by Jan. 1st, and they're not all that concerned about it. Might even be good. If it's good to raise the taxes of some people, why isn't it even better to raise everyone's taxes? Good logic, but apparently bad politics (:^)..(:^)


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      • Taxes are paid from monies derived through purchases of goods and services by people, citizens and visitors, and distributed through saleries, etc. In short all tax money required to pay all taxes is paid in by anyone who buys anything...all of us. When taxes go up on one of us we all contribute to those who write the checks to pay those taxes througher higher prices. When taxes go up I give myself a raise to compensate for the loss of earnings plus the tax on the compensated income. You have to laugh at the liberals who yell "TAX the RICH" as they are to ones who have to put more money into the pot so "the Rich" can pay more taxes. As Marx said "From each acording to their ability to each acording to their needs" one more needy than the TOP 10% of the party. LOL

      • I will wait for the beginning of 2013 mostly because of taxes. Don't want to wait for their K-1 just because I owned the stock for one day. Hope, I won't miss BWP going up $1 or more.

        Sentiment: Hold

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