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  • carpepecunia carpepecunia Sep 9, 2004 12:42 PM Flag

    tried to short @ 59

    This is a good company at around 10 bucks a share. It is funny to watch though. No short shares available. If I was the CEO i'd be dumping shares as fast as I could.

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    • Maybe someone with some money saw a great opportunity to do a short squeeze. That isn't market manipulation, it's a trading opportunity. No one is forcing anyone to short the stock. Do so at your own risk.

      People make up their own rules when playing the trading game. Yours is probably that stocks should trade on fundamentals. When it doesn't do what you want it to you cry foul. Well, if it's one thing I learned during the internet bubble (losing thousands shorting AMZN) is to not fight the trend.

      This is going to keep going higher the more people short it due to the low float.

    • Question for you...when does it end?? Or does it just go on forever?

    • This stock was at 25 3 weeks ago and was trading 300,00 shares a day.

      How did it come to this all of a sudden, a situation where the imbalance is so great that shorts no longer can win and any long can buy and win at any price?

    • How often do you need to be reminded that this is not a scam? The float is small so shorts have to keep covering.

      Keep convincing yourselves that the market is wrong and you are right while you lose money.

      Please, keep shorting (and covering.)

      Even when it tries to reverse slightly, there will be new shorts to fuel a rally.


    • The thing is the company has not done or said anything in 3 weeks and they are up 140%

      This is worse than TASR; that thing would come out with order announcements and all kind of press releases. Nothing comes out here yet TZOO is now more highly valued than ORBZ.

      This is just one incredibly well-executed scam.

    • You better understand that any insider can dump shares without the usual SEC filing notifying the public they're selling. Insiders can contribute their stock to an exchage fund.....the only notice filed with the SEC is a "non market disposition." Also insiders for a price can purchase a derivative that effectively hedges and locks in a price without actually selling the stock. Some of these practices were discussed in yesterdays WSJ.

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