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  • buytzoo buytzoo Nov 3, 2010 7:30 PM Flag

    TZOO What price end of year will TZOO be?

    Are you holding the bag shorty? Another clown The Gnarly pirate used to say the same BS at $10 talking about the PE being 50 lol....So now the stock is at 35 and the PE is still under 40.....Very funny is it now?

    So how could the pe of tzoo be the same at $10 and $35? It is called earnings growth stupid! The local deals will launch Tzoo on a new level....

    Nice try shorty! Tell us something new please!

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    • Oh and don't be smart with me you moron.. "earnings growth "... Do a discount cash flow with 20% growth in revenue discount it with their WACC and tell me what you got... That'r right less than $23 you uneducated moron...

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      • LOL.....You show up on this board out of your hole just like all the other shorts at $9....Where are they now? You will vanish just like they did....If you would of been here you would know that I been buying Tzoo since the single digits and sold 50% of my position when we crossed $30....Why dont you get a calculator out and figure out what that means. Why dont you go look at OPEN and MMYT before you call Tzoo overvalued.

        Oh wow we are going to $23 now....1 year ago I was told we are going back to $4......Few weeks ago I was told we are going to $16 when we dipped to $24....Now I am being told we are going under $ I am shaking......What you line will you clowns draw in the sand next? That we are going back to $35?

        You idiots come and go on this board like a thunderstorm rolling through.....Only to vanish at the first sign of sunshine!

        Congrats! You can join the other bozos on my ignore list!

    • Yes I am short at $35.20 and I am long on UTA at $4.88...

      Only buying at good levels is not enough you need to know when to sell.... End hoping this thing to go to $40-$50 is idiotic.. at $50 it will trade close to 10 times book value and 8 times sales.... But hay be my guest you can buy even more here at the top....

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