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  • ronalddickman ronalddickman Apr 16, 2013 9:35 AM Flag


    What is a realistic analysis of the future of this company. Selling and downward pressure is relentless.
    Any thoughts are welcome.

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    • Goldman Sucks is the most pessimestic analyst of the bunch; and they projected that this is a short term sell with target being 7.3 BRL; which translates into $3.68 American. They thought that short term it is a sell; which has pretty much come true, as we are almost there. At this level, this is a buy! The people on this board who say the company is going bankrupt are financial fools; as this is a profitablecompany with deep value in assets.
      It has a BETA of 1.73x's which make this a higher flucturaion stock. when she moves up it will be rapid. Buy and hold and collect dividend until it hits $8.00

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Sounds like you haven o clue what youre talking about. First of all, a beta of 1.73 implies that a stock moves in the same direction as the market with a faster move. so if beta is 2 and the market was up 10% last year, you would expect the stock witha beta of 2 to move UP +20% for that year. This TRASH called SID was collapsing (negative direction) for the past few years while the market has been relative to the US market it has a hugely NEGATIVE beta lol. On top of that, beta is a completely flawed concept theoretically, and should NEVER even be looked at considering its ONLY a backward looking statisitic and has very little correlation to actual future volatility. Second of all, to make the claim that people who think there is a high BK chance here are financial fools is pretty interesting, considering YOU'VE been the fool holding this trrash while the smart money was shorting this nonsense and making CHEDDAR!!!!! "this is a profitable company with deep value in assets"....yet another FOOL'S assertion...what the hell do you know about this company's assets roflmao??? Have you examined them and valued them in person with outside advisors??? Stop making statements you have NO IDEA about, please. With regard to the "profitable company" assertion: they may be profitable, but profitability is dwindling REALLY rapidly as costs are rising much faster than revenue. In fact, revenue remained flat in 2012 versus 2011, while adjusted EBITDA dropped 30% to R$4.5 billion...while in the same period (2012 vs 20110 NET DEBT increased by 26% to R$15.7 BILLION. By THE WAY...consolidated NET LOSS for 2012 was R$481 million you the company on a consolidated basis for 2012 showed a NET LOSS...THEY WERE NOT PROFITABLE. Not sure #$%$ you're getting your "profitable company" assertion...they reported an ADJUSTED income for the year, in which they excluded the reclassification of accumulated losses in its investment in the Usimimas' common and preferred shares.

      • I agree.

    • look at the balance sheet of this company is clear to anyone that can read financial statements that this may be a "dead company operating"...the HUGE debt load and worseing steel economics put this company into a territory of 50% bankruptcy within a few years. A pure gamble, not an investment, at this horrible juncture in the company's history...too bad, there were so many hopes for this so called Olympics and World Cup catalyst possibilty...oh well.

    • Till MM don't get your stock , they will lower the price. I am waiting till it goes to 3$ , I will buy more. I am under water at present. but I will hold as SID is diversified company and Worldcup and Olympics will save this company for sure.

      Sentiment: Hold

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