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  • investzar investzar Feb 23, 2012 9:25 PM Flag


    New stock Chat Video for tomorrow!

    Click Link below for TEMN STOCK CHAT - 2-23-2012

    "This stock is really shaping up, with healthy consolidation." INVESTZAR

    Target share price: $.003 in three trading dayz.

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    • Invest zar I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me. As I said I'm new to trading thanks and good luck.

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      • Dickensm41 it's all good.

        My best tip for you would be to find as much information as you can about the reverse merger Emperial Americas (OTC:TEMN) company and its assets. Then, trade based on information YOU have found out by yourself (or verified by yourself if heard from others).

        Separate yourself from the masses and be "Distinguished" in your trading my friend, knowledge is power. Best of luck to you too sir.

    • Invest zar I was wandering what you thought about Friday close @ .0011 and if you think TEMN will rebound next week

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      • Dickensm41 I took a position based on the sound .gov filings being made by Emperial Americas new management under ticker TEMN.

        Honestly I could not believe my eyes when I saw this brand new Reverse Merger trading for only .0003 to .0004 pps! With all the eyes on this stock right now, I am pretty darn sure that will be a hard entry to beat!

        Will it rebound? I don't see why not, the share price is currently being held up by over 100,000,000 shares of buyside support at .0009 to .001 and it has much less rally resistance than it had on Thursday. Those .0014's got hit hard. Almost half the resistance was taken down at that price.

        If we break the .0014 pps it's a home-run for many traders and there could be some profit taking around the 1000% to 2000% gain area to slow it down. If you think you see what I see, then others are going to see it too. That may cause serious pre-press release buying and that is exactly how 80% of stocks rebound. Then they hit resistance and pull back for consolidation. Even the biggest NYSE stocks do this, AOL was down on Friday too, whereas the alcoholic beverage stock DEO was up. Stocks go up and down between support and resistance. The trick is buying them low when they become undervalued!

        What would you value this stock at right now?

        Do you think it may be undervalued?

        What I like is the fact the 260% gains on TEMN have held solid with only a minimal retracement of less than 20% (Not much selling pressure). It looks poised for some really strong and bullish days ahead. That's only my opinion, we shall see what it does in the coming days. The upcoming financials will help us better determine the company's EXACT fair market value, which can be used to make more informed investment decisions. A quick way to value this company is to use the pending financial data against the outstanding share count for a new valuation. Good luck to you.

    • New to stock game own about 800000 shares TEMN what will be a good price to sell