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  • investzar investzar Feb 29, 2012 1:32 AM Flag


    Here is the new TEMN stock chat Video.

    If you are "Upside Down" on TEMN this is a MUST WATCH video. Enjoy!

    NOTE: I appologize, I did not put out a video yesterday but in my Sunday video I was bullish and the stock did go up 9.09%+ on Monday.

    At EOD today "Bullish" describes my sentiment as we found a nice buying opportunity once again. Intra-day today the chart broke support and caused a massive sell off. Buying tomorrow.

    Stocks go up and they go down, that is how we make money!

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    • Don't forget, you can buy shares for .0007 right now. - A $1500 Tax return gets you 2,142,857 SHARES!

      Take the time to look at the share prices of other companies that run an Indy 500 car. BUD, WMT, MOT, DEO, BF/A, -- I mean crap, this is a .0007 no brainer stock play!

      When the word hits the streets you want to have already taken a position. This stock could gap up hard on just a, "Hi, we are Emperial Americas, Inc now" type of PR.

      I am buying shares everytime the stock price dips a little. I also bought when I read the first 8-k filing. I am essentially "Accumulating" shares. So are many other early investors.

      I am not a promoter... I am a real investor in a R/M stock that I believe is going to make early investors HUGE money!

      98% of trip-zero stocks are worthless, this stock clearly falls into the "Other" 2% category.

    • That Indy Car video footage is from the Emperial Americas, Inc facebook page. I have not found any more footage, if I do I will post it right away.

      I only heard the name of the driver, you never know maybe his older age makes him a more experienced driver. They chose this driver for a reason - Maybe Empeial Americas really wants to win the INDY 500!

      I'll tell you now, if that car wins the Indy 500, or places in the top 5, Emperial Americas better have their warehouses stocked and ready to deliver to millions of new customers who hear about the products.

      Looking real good, value stock IMO.

      Not many investors have heard about this massive REVERSE MERGER! Don't wait until they get a PR and a free ride... now is the time.

      The product is good, like drinking sweetened water! It's going to be a hit at nightclubs throughout the world!

    • Alright, zar. I made a poor flip trade last week in TEMN and lost some dearly departed dollars. Early this morning I watched your video from yesterday the 28th, and you do some impressive TA. So I was able to get back in at .0009, and will try a longer approach this time. Texans can drink some Tequila, and an Indy car sounds great. Thank you for your time and talent.

    • I would love to buy another 4m shares at .008, problem is TD has a restriction on the stock, can't buy. I'm opening an acct at scott to purchase some mo. TD is keeping me from actively trading, so really, how are they serving me??? TD for me will be a thing of the past soon.