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  • investzar investzar Mar 7, 2012 3:59 AM Flag

    TEMN ~ 3/6 Intra-Day Video "late" for those who don't subscribe...

    I like the "Z" shape in the chart, but I guess it could be an "N" as well!

    I'll go with the "Z" shape personally...

    If you are not subscribed and missed the intraday video from today, you can watch it now... a bit late however.

    Subscribe to Invest Zar by clicking the "Subscribe" button on Youtube, that is, if you want to see new videos right when they first come out!

    Or get them EOD or EOW either way is fine.

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    • If the co. is buying back shares, how do we know it didn't start before the release of the most current 8k? I think the tzar is right on, I just might be taking an early retirement next year.

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      • "how do we know it (buyback) didn't start before the release of the most current 8k?"

        Ummm... actually, by what I see during the last 6 months of Accumulation/Distribution of shares... it signals that "Someone" or "Someone's" has/have been slowly collecting millions, upon millions, upon millions of TEMN shares since early December 2011...

        Was it the company? Who else would be buying the shells shares?
        Perhaps, it was a smart investor or two, that must surely be a part of all the buying.

        Just putting it out there...

        Check this out, a MN shareholder is helping make a possible Southern Wine and Spirits deal go down! Holy Schmolly... if that happens you better have tickets already! A must read here:

        FACT -------> Tour Guides at the Jack Daniel's distillery in TN tell of how Jack Daniel Died.

        They claim he stubbed his big toe on his cash stacked Well's Fargo Safe and it lead to a terrible infection that took over his body.

        Ummmm... I hope I don't stub my toe on the safe I'm putting all the profits from Emperial Americas!

        You guys be careful too... maybe build a separate garage just for your Emperial Profits!

    • I'm with you, zar. My account is modest, but I'm going to try and pick up some more shares today. Thanks.